The Art Forger: by Barbara A. Sahpiro: Oh! What a Glorious Occupation!

Barbara A. Shapiro’s Novel “The Art Forger” Takes you where few have gone with a twist for mystery, love and adventure in art!

If you want to read a work that is right up there with the “Thomas Crown Affair” (book and film) then you need to read this book! Barbara Shapiro has done us a service by taking the history and techniques of art forgery and spinning them around Clair Roth, a “want to be” artist who just can’t find her niche. Then the inspiration of doing what she does best, comes to the forefront when her expertise as a copier of Degas paintings is needed to make a copy of what appears to be a fake Degas to her, yet has been the center of attraction  at the Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston for nearly a century until it was stolen.

Now Clair becomes embroiled in the mystery of the stolen painting “After the Bath” by Degas coupled with the secretive love life of Isabel Stewart Gardener and her will which destroyed all but a few links to he long ago affair with the great painter Degas.

You’ll walk away from this book wanting to know more about the Dutch forger Han van Meegeren who was required to repaint a forgery to prove that he should not be executed for selling a Dutch national treasure to the Nazis during WWII. You’ll think about buying that special big oven to bake your paintings in at 248 degrees to speed up your oil paint layering and your own forging process. You will fall in love with girl who is seeking her true calling in life and talent and the man she truly loves.

Buy it! Read it!     

4 Comments on “The Art Forger: by Barbara A. Sahpiro: Oh! What a Glorious Occupation!

  1. After seeing the author speak at the Tucson Book Festival last year, I bought her book. It was such a fantastic read! Great review:)


  2. The Virgin of Guadalupe is the most important religious icon in the Americas. It’s theft or disappearance would cause chaos in Latin America. But if an exquisite copy is substituted for the original, who would know? The Theft of the Virgin is part of the Murder in Mexico series of mysteries, featuring painter-turned-detective, Paul Zacher.
    See my website for a complimentary sample.


    • Amen! You’d be surprised at the old art floating around some parts of Chile. Things that have been cut out of European masters and then when the owner gets old and needs money the try to flog them off. A lot of old Nazi stuff ended up there in the montains of the South of Chile! One day I’ll write about it!


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