Month: January 2013

A Fix for “Words with Friends”

Have you gotten tired of waiting for Words with Friends to fix your frozen App on your mobile? Try this, it appears to be a quick fix!  Go to your PC and go through your search engine to “Words With Friends.” Then click on… Continue Reading “A Fix for “Words with Friends””

More PR work on “Rough Enough”

I’m beginning to understand why a lot of authors just put their book out there on the internet and hope that someone will discover them (which of course the probably won’t with 50,000 books per year being published). It’s bloody hard work to do… Continue Reading “More PR work on “Rough Enough””

Richard McBee – Link to New Civil War Book

Richard McBee – Link to New Civil War Book At this site you can purchase new copies of my Civil and Indian War book, “Rough Enough” that follows young Richard Clow into the Civil War through his letters home to his sister in Boston… Continue Reading “Richard McBee – Link to New Civil War Book”

Star Wars – Death Star – Nixed by President – Hurray!!

Hurray! At least one budget breaking military FUBAR has been nixed! If you, America, got upset when someone put a bit of federal money into research on green energy and then the company went belly up, you ought to be really be upset by… Continue Reading “Star Wars – Death Star – Nixed by President – Hurray!!”

Marketing “Rough Enough” – How I got started on the book!

The Civil War is a lifelong compulsion for some persons so in that respect I an a Ricky-come-lately having only really gotten interested in 1994 while discussing with my then dying father some of the papers and letters he wanted to leave to me. … Continue Reading “Marketing “Rough Enough” – How I got started on the book!”

More Marketing on “Rough Enough”

Raining in Hood River, can’t go skiing so this AM is another push to get out copies of the book to a number of people who have indicated that they would be willing to review it in their local newspapers or on Amazon once… Continue Reading “More Marketing on “Rough Enough””

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