Month: June 2021

American Choice: Vaccintation Methodology

Americans are lucky in having a choice with Vaccination Methodology for COVID-19! We get to do it one of two ways: A. By Modern Medicine or B. By COVID OR A great time for a chance to think about the different ways we view… Continue Reading “American Choice: Vaccintation Methodology”

Book Review: “With These Hands” by Louis L’Amour

With These Hands: Storiesby Louis L’AmourRichard Jr.‘s review Jun 08, 2021  ·  editit was amazing bookshelves: human-interest, short-stories A refreshing set of short stories from an author whom I had stereotyped as a writer of Westerns. Now I find that his life included work… Continue Reading “Book Review: “With These Hands” by Louis L’Amour”

Book review! – “The Sentinel” by Lee and Andrew Child in a new tab) The Sentinel by Lee Child My rating: 4 of 5 stars I enjoyed the whole book! A new twist for Jack Reacher! Getting into the Technological Age! Well…. Maybe only a little bit…… It’s a great theme – Ransom… Continue Reading “Book review! – “The Sentinel” by Lee and Andrew Child”

Mr. Trump! – Quit the Robo-callS!

DUMP ——————————————TRUMP’s ————————————ROBO-CALLS! The phone rings! A familiar loud ex-presidential voice starts in: The Wall! ……, The Election!….. Etc., Etc., Etc Hanging up won’t cut off the RANT! It comes sometimes 2-3 times a day! WHY ME? ……….A DEMOCRAT! ……..I would NEVER vote for… Continue Reading “Mr. Trump! – Quit the Robo-callS!”

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