Month: October 2016

How far will men’s prejudices go to prevent a woman from becoming the next U.S. President?

A Sunday meditation essay on Matt. 7: 1-5 and John 8: 1-11 as it refers to our treatment of women. It is apparent that the USA is a country in which women are second class citizens. This has been documented and reported on countless…

Start the Day By Lifting Your Eyes To The Hills!

Take five deep calming breaths, and exhale to blow out all the problems of the world! Now take three more deep breaths noting the picture’s features: Breath #1: The rising shaft of the rainbow  sending your spirit souring! Breath #2: The intricacy of the…

Halloween Saturday Freebie! Civil War History of Richard Clow! Rough Enough!

Remember! McBee gives you a Worldwide Freebie each Saturday until December 17, 2016! Check out “Rough Enough” Once there was a young man who volunteered three times for military service. Twice for the Civil War and once for the Frontier!  Here’s your chance to…

Book Review! “Kill Process” by William Hertling. A New Era of ‘IT’ Sci-Fi! I wish I Could Still Climb Aboard!

Kill Process by William Hertling My rating: 5 of 5 stars Open your eyes world! The new age of IT science fiction is upon us in a form that will educate you, entertain you and probably scare you a bit if you haven’t yet…

Strategy: My 3 Kindle Books Free! 9 days of Worldwide Giveaway!

It’s that time of the year!  Share my Time to try out a new strategy! Keep these dates when you and your friends will be able to receive free books of your choice. Forward this to as many of your followers as possible so…

Another Wacky British WWII Genius

A secret Lake in Canada! A secret plan to defeat the U-boat domination of the central Atlantic Ocean gives rise to an amazing story! The documentation, held secret by the British for 35 years after the war reveal and eccentric genius, a half cocked…

Genealogists Love New Civil War History! 4 Great Reasons!

Another Ghost from Richard Clow’s Past Reappears!  After my blog a week and half ago about the Prince of Serendip striking me, I was amazed to get this contact from Claudia Cannon. I quote a section of her note about her grandfather’s cousin, Mary…

Book Review: China’s Second Continent by Howard W. French

China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa by Howard W. French My rating: 5 of 5 stars A must read book! Listen up, all you former African Missionari… Source: Book Review: China’s Second Continent by Howard W….

The Prince of Serendipity Strikes again for Richard Clow and “Rough Enough”

Talk about a really amazing coincidence today!  Out of the blue comes an email from one of my new followers who just happens to be the Great-Great – Step – Grandson of Richard Headley Clow (1847 – 1926) CW veteran 1864-65) about whom I…

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