Richard H. McBee (Rick McBee) Writes about, Works in, and Travels in Africa 1966 – 2014

The Purpose of this site is:

A.  To share with my followers my current and completed writing about Africa.

My first book – Kalahari – 1995, 


My newest book – The Ghosts of Ukuthula – 2015:


A novel about the “Third Force” which attempted to take over the government of the Republic of South Africa in 1989-90 and thwart the move to a racially inclusive black African majority ruled government.



B. To share with readers my Peace Corps work in Cameroon 1966 – 68 .

img531 img547 img506

St. Joseph’s College, student band,  Juju man in Ndu, Giant Mt. Cameroon moth

C. To share my work as a Methodist Missionary in Maun Botswana, Africa in the 1973 – 1977.

img026      img049     img064

Children fishing in dried river, Maun Secondary School, Student village clean-up.

D. And, to share my travels in Africa, including 2014 visit to Botswana.

African Sunset - Chobe      Cape Buffalo and Sable Antelope Skulls - Chobe      IMG_0101

 Sunset in Chobe, Confiscated skulls of poached animals, Maun Secondary School

I Hope you enjoy your visit to my site and will share it with others.

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4 Comments on “Richard H. McBee (Rick McBee) Writes about, Works in, and Travels in Africa 1966 – 2014

  1. Found your blog, very nice pix. I don’t know many other people who’ve been to Botswana; have any of your blog posts been about your time there?


    • Norman, As an RPCV from Cameroon 66-68, I have a lot of digital pictures of that era. Then in 73-77, my wife and I were in Maun, Botswana as teacher missionaries working at Maun Secondary School and I have a large number of digital slides from there as well. So yes, I will be glad to send you copies with descriptions as well. Let me know how to send them. I presume there is a Cameroon rep. For that group as well. Guess I should look them up now that I have joined the PCV network. Thanks, Rick McBee. You can email me at


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