Month: November 2012

Back to working on the Seashell Book

Thanksgiving was great! The loss of the Oregon State Beavers to the Oregon Ducks was horrible, but now I can concentrate on my writing. In particular, some of my prep for marketing my Civil War book, but even more interesting to me at the…

That first Pristine copy from the printer!

I hike up the hill to the mail box.  There inside is an express envelope from American Book Publishing.  My heart leaps and I am smiling as the dog and I head back down the road to the house. Even when Elliott does a…

What to do while you wait for the book to be Printed

One of the great things about doing e-books is the instant feedback given by computers to your wishes and needs.  When I first put my Civil War book , Rough Enough on  Kindle some 18 months ago, the satisfaction of completing the project to…

Following the PR trail of “Rough Enough”

  A book is like a small business start-up when it comes to having inventory to give away, sell, or send out to a wide range of reviewers.  Unless you are a well known author already, you are very likely going to have to…

Getting Feedback on that Cover Letter for Galley Proofs!

Now that you have written that  cover letter to send out with with the Galley Proof copies, you want to get feedback before sending it out  to 500 pairs of critical eyeballs. Bounce your cover letter off of a few close friends or your…

Writing the Cover letter to send out with Galley Proof Copies

  I am finding that writing the cover letter to send with my Galley Proofs and early release books is a delicate yet very important task in pushing the marketing of my new Civil and Indian War book, “Rough Enough.”  Putting down the facts:…

For a New Book – Sending out Galley Proofs

One of the big things we all talk about on the book market groups is the question of how to improve the market for your book in advance of it’s release date.  Here’s how I plan to do it! With my new non-fiction Civil…

Veterans Day: Thinking about military service in the context of the book “Rough Enough”

  In my book, “Rough Enough”, Richard Clow at seventeen years of age seems to have been eager to head off to fight in the Civil War in 1864 with his 100 day enlistment followed by a three year reenlistment in the early weeks…

The New Civil War Book “Rough Enough” is Posted on the Internet!

See and order my new Civil War Book at this site! “Rough Enough: Including Richard H. Clow’s Letters and Diary from the Civil and Indian Wars, 1865 – 1875.”  At the tender age of 17, Richard Clow leaves to fight in the Civil…

Better off with a new political horse and course? I think not!

Let’s see you pragmatists and probability analysts out there – stock market up, jobs up , housing starts up, real estate market up, wars down…. I could go on.  Do we switch horses in the middle of things getting better? I think not.  Any…

The Book has Gone to Press!

I just got the email that the completed manuscript for “Rough Enough: Richard Clow’s letters and Diary from the Civil and Indian Wars, 1865-1885” has gone to press.  Now I can get those contact lists out  and begin to work on the publicity and…

Final Stages in the Book Publishing

It’s a long  road to get a non-fiction book published in proper format and style but it’s worth it and certainly worth having an excellent editor to work with.  In collaborating with American Book Publishers for the past 18 months, I have found them…


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