Month: August 2017

War Monuments: History – Who We Are and What We Believe

Dear Readers,  As a Civil War book writer, “Rough Enough” Richard Clow’s Civil War and Frontier Experiences, 1864 – 1885 with letters I have a number of qualms about the blanket removal of a number of Civil War historic statues and monuments. Yes, there…

Book Review: Bowdrie’s Law, by Louis L’Amour

Bowdrie’s Law by Louis L’Amour My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is probably one of L’Amour’s better books. At the beginning of each tale about Chick Bowdrie, L’Amour puts a historical note about the old west. Not all relate exactly to his 15…

Book Review: Broken By Messines, by Dr. Mark Wardlaw

Broken by Messines in WW1 – The Grandparents I Never Knew by Mark Wardlaw My rating: 4 of 5 stars A book that best fits into the category of genealogical memoir. In doing his research, Dr. Wardlaw has tried to open up the secrets…

The Union President Says it – SPOT ON! There is a line in the sand. We all must stand against the forces of evil.

Check the link and listen to what the President of the AFL-CIO says to us working people at this link: Union President explains why POTUS is wrong! AFL-CIO President Mr Richard Trumpka is saying it like it needs to be said. The Unions stand…

No Middle Ground! – Teaching Hate or Not – It’s not something we can be Wishy-Washy about!

    As we watch with awe, grief and anger as radical “White Supremacy Hate Groups come out in the open and try to take political power, we are reminded by history and literature that there is and will continue to be a constant…

The Ghosts of Ukuthula by Rick McBee

Originally posted on forthenovellovers:
Book Review Title: The Ghosts of Ukuthula Author: Rick McBee Genre: Action/Historical/World Literature Rating: ***** Review: The opening of The Ghosts of Ukuthula was great, there is politic intrigue, espionage and murder all in the opening chapter and I was…

The Ghosts of Ukuthula by Rick McBee

An excellent Review of the book by “Jodi a Cook” Source: The Ghosts of Ukuthula by Rick McBee


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