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The Caribbean and the S. of Florida are great places to visit in March, April, May and then in Sept., Oct., Nov. for lowest rates on Hotels! Diving! Boating, Fishing, Food! Etc.!

Going to be on the Beach! You need a Seashell Book! And because of the 2022 holiday season, you can now get the best e-book for identifying your seashells for FREE! Dec. 5 through Dec. 9, 2022 at

It’s not just any book, it’s the best and easiest E- Book to read and use to I.D. all those shells you kick up in the sand whether on Sanibel or Curacao , or in Venezuela, the Bahamas, or Barbados or Virgin.Isles

Get the Picture? It’s a dang good book for you shell lovers!

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Happy Holidays! Have a great read!

Read about a Black African Hero! – Ghosts of Ukuthula – Dec. 4, 2022 Last day of this year’s Kindle Free copy!

UKUTHULA (pronounced Ooo-Coo-Thoo-Lhaa) means PEACE! in the Zulu language. It was in search of “Peace” that the African National Congress was formed in South African and in the 70’s met at Maun Secondary School in Botswana -where I was working 

My 2022 holiday giveaway period for my historical fiction novel, The Ghosts of Uhuthula, finishes at midnight tomorrow!  That’s 12 midnight PST December 4, 2022. Give a Kindle Copy to any friend for FREE!  Get it here – Free!

If you are into:

  • Recent History of The Republic of South Africa.
  • A story behind the scenes of the Black African Liberation Movement against Apartheid. 
  • Historical Fiction that enlightens us about the battles for freedom in our own times. 
  • An African Hero for African Peoples. 
  • Nelson Mandela and why he decided to choose “Peace” rather than more “War” in the RSA.
  • The manipulation of African Politics by outside governments, past and present.

Then this is the book for you and your friends.  You can also get it here!

Happy Holidays! and Ukuthula!

Rick McBee


Africa before Ukuthula! Kindle version – The Ghosts of Ukuthula – Free Nov. 30 through Dec. 4, 2022

Black Power shall rise again!

Ukuthula! (Pronounced “Ooo-koo-thu-lah”) meaning “Peace” in the Zulu language didn’t exist in the 1970’s and 80’s ithroghout most of Southern Africa. Guerilla warfare reigned against the colonial holdouts in Rhodesia, Namibia, Mozambique and The Republic of South Africa. For the most part, Botswana remained a peaceful nation in the eye of a whirling hurricane. African hero’s rose from the villages to fight for their freedom! It’s 1988. The “Republic” is the last stronghold of Apartheid. Jacob Nkwe (The leopard) is the man who can stop mass bloodshed as talks for peace (ukuthula) begin. But he’s a spy who has been outed and needs to come in from the cold. Read “The Ghosts of Ukuthula” and connect with the freedom fighters and spies who fought the secret Glasnost attempts by Russia and others to subvert a peaceful removal of the final chains of Apartheid from South Africa. Now free on Kindle for the next five days.One of the best of African novels, similar to those of Wilbur Smith!

Get the Book Here!

Enjoy! Happy Christmas!

Captivating Music of “Ukuthula!” (Peace! in Zulu)-for Christmas Pronounced: “Ooo-koo-thoo-lah!”

Ukuthula – Hlumelo’s Swansong!  Performed by the Cape Town Youth Choir as part of STBB s 121 year birthday celebrations Solo by Hlumelo Marepula Conducted by Leon Starker Watch Ukuthula:

The Zulu Word “Ukuthula!” When shouted out by a melodious African bass voice and followed by ullulations from high pitched female voices or when sung by a youth choir epitomizes a reaching out to the world and others with words of Peace! Love! and Hope! Enjoy!

As we look towards the holiday season of December, in a predominatantly Christian based society like the United States we often forget that there are hundereds, if not thousands of other religious traditions in the U.S. and throughout the world that have their own traditional celebrations around the themes of childbirth, health, well-being, meditation, the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and thanksgivings for good harversts which contrasts with the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and the first fruits of the spring harvests. If you so desire, you can look up world religions and find that every day of December has some sort of religious celebration.

All of these traditions focus on the celebration of Joy, Peace, Light, Freedom, Seeking the Devine, and Spiritual Awakening.

Happy Holidays: <Rick>

Reminder! Free Kindle Giveaway of “Rough Enough” Ends Tomorrow, Nov. 29, 2022 at Midnight! Some Highlights!

Here’s Richard Headley Clow.  At 17 years of age he enlisted in the Union Army to fight at Petersburg and the final battles of the Civil War.  Stationed at Fort Hayes outside of Petersburg,  Richard Clow was in the first troops to enter Petersburg when it fell.   The fort is long gone, but a few ramparts remain under the blackberries.

Get the book!

If you were with the Union Troops, your view from Fort Hayes would have been much like this. With a clear swath of killing ground in front of the fort. Remeber that most of the trees were long gone al around Petersburg by the beginning of 1865 due to cutting for firewood, blasting to clear ground and constant cannonades.


Get the book!

Hope you enjoy the book!  Happy Holidays!

Don’t Forget – Starts Today! 25 Nov. 2022! Free – Civil War and Frontier History – “Rough Enough”

Are you a history buff? Like the Period 1860 – 1885? Montana Indian Wars? Dakota Territory Gold Rush? Ordinary Soldier Tales from the Civil War?

” Rough EnoughIt’s free – 25 Nov. 2022 to 29 Nov. 2022

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“Rough Enough” the fascinating and amazing story of Richard Headley Clow during that period is now Free in electronic version from Amazon Kindle for your PC, Android, Kindle, Iphone… reader. It will keep you interested for days. learning about Clow’s upbringing in Boston, travels by ship to the front lines in Petersburg, The 56th Mass. Volunteers, The 13th Infantry in Montana and Dakota Territories and more.

Free fromNovember 25 through Nov. 29, 2022

Enjoy your Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving – 2022! – Free 5 Day – Civil War Book Deal – Rough Enough!

Life was tough in the 1860’s, but the youth of that time had ambitions and dreams!

Free from Kindle Books: 11/25/2022 until 11/29/2022 GO – Get the Kindle Book here: SEE: 3 Minute Read with Accompanying Photoes Below!

Rough Enough is a work of historical non-fiction detailing ten years in the life of Richard McBee’s great grandfather, a teenager who goes off half cocked to fight the Civil War!

Richard Clow, age 17 is caught up in the fervor of the final year of Civil War conflict. Although underage, he goes off to enlist in the Union Army.

He quickly

He quickly finds that even getting to the battle front can have its own challenges: two weeks in a thug-dominated holding camp followed by the ship voyage from Hell finally gets him from Boston to the front lines of Petersburg Virginia.

Clow’s thirteen letters home to his sisters describe for us his military experiences, bloody battles to take Petersburg, close calls, and the stresses of war. These are mingled with his daily observations of the Virginian countryside, hardships and small joys by a young man who has a flair for description.

The text documents how a young snotty nosed youth looking for fun and action morphs into a blooded infantryman. It describes battle events and beneath the surface we see how the stresses of battle lead Richard Clow towards a “Soldier’s Heart” PTSD type syndrome.

The joys of the end of the war and reunion with family are not lost in the telling, but one must ponder what drives this young man reenlist two years later to join the 13th Infantry fighting in the mountains and plains of Montana and the Dakotas, while living in ill-designed stockades and forts.

As his heart grows weary of battles, Clow shares his dreams of married life with his sister as he describes yet another ambush oo travelers through Indian territory.

Clow’s post military marital bliss is cut short by the specter of disease and death which nearly wipes out his immediate family. With a heavy heart he seeks solace in the wilderness and the cold creeks and gun ruled world of 1877 Deadwood in the heart of the Sioux sacred grounds, the Black Hills and the gold rush.

As he strikes it rich and then goes on to live out his dreams of being a farmer, rancher and Oregon hotelier, we see how perseverance in the face of overwhelming life struggles led to a family and forty more years of productive life on the waning frontier.

Enjoy the Book!

“YES WE CAN!” But – Only if We VOTE! For Solutions!

This was the THEME of former President Barak Obama’s Campaign!

America can have whateveer it wants, But – Only if we stand up for what we want and VOTE! For Soutions!

American’s Issues:

  1. Home and Personal Security: Mass Murderers and Safety: America Doesn’t have to put up with mass murders with Automatic Weapons and Drive-by Shootings and Armed Robberies! We can do it all without taking away our Second Ammenment Rights to have Well regulated Militias and our right to Bear Arms. All we have to do is get out and VOTE! Right now! All we have with Automatic Weapons in the hands of Anybody, is No Control! Over This issue! If we VOTE we can put into office a Senate and House that will begin to work on sensible controls to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and crazies and to put those who do acts of violence with deadly weapons go to prison for a long-long period of time. Nobody has ever or will ever take away our Right to Bear Arms, so quit belly aching and get out and VOTE! for a Solution!
  2. Financial Security: A livable minimum wage: America Doesn’t have to put up with two people in a family needing to work full-time jobs and still having to live in a tent and not being able to afford food, clothing and shelter. There is a 2 part solution which Congress can implement NOW – called – A. making the richest members of our society and corporations pay the same minimun tax as the lowest level of tax payer. That is 15% of What ever they make before paying any dividends or bonuses to stock holders and executives! and B. By raising the minimum wage so that a single wage earner can take home enough pay in a 40 hour week to afford no-frills food, clothing and rent in their Community as calculated for that area. All our Children and their children deserve the right to earn a living wage in what has become the 40 hour per week and become financially secure. If you get out and VOTE – there can be long terms solutions to Family Financial Security!
  3. Cut Waste of taxpayer $$ in Governmen waste: Congress controls the purse strings on the American Budget. They can solve the massive waste of our tax money by A.Requiring all government purchasing to be put out on bid for all purchases from the private sector including : Presidential, Congressional, Military, Medicines, vehicles, Health Care, Health Insurance, Retirements, Military, etc…. B. Require all congressional and government and military travel, junkets office refurbishing and trips and hotels and food to be put out on bids andto pay only a per diem amount of Govt. Dollars to reimburse any expenses by government officials. C. Require all military gasoline and other purchases for transports to be bought only once out af any section’s budget. Additions outside budget need to be authorized individually by Congress. D. Cut all pork barrel deals and regulat Lobbying activities and contributions to politicians. We can get the graft and financial corruption out of our Politics by getting out and – VOTING!
  4. Take the big money pressure and graft out of Campaigns for Political Office: Get Back to One Adult Human – One Vote for our elections by Congress Making Laws Prohibiting Any Corporation, Person, PAC, or group from giving to Political Campaigns any amount larger than what he average American Citizen individually gives. IF we really believe in a Democracy of the Ordinary People controlling government, then we need to get out and Vote!
  5. Regulate Immigration: America needs workers to keep out economy going, both high paying wage earners and farm and domestic workers. Many of these workers need to be on Temporary or annual Visas instead of allowing them to immigrate. Congress must make laws that allow ample temporary visas for all sectors of our worker needs and also have strict penalties for individuals, including domestic household employers who violate immigration rules by hiring illegal aliens. Congress must also allocate $$ and incentives to other countries to have them remain stable and keep their people at home!.. You can do this if you get out and VOTE!

I have already VOTED in this election! I hope you ave or will VOTE also!

Significance – Next Time You Think You’re the Most Important Thing on the Planet

Size, Strength, Life-span, Contributions to Earth’s Well-being, Species Time on Earth: Next Time you feel so Grand, just contemplate a few other inhabitants on Earth – For Instance, Redwoods. Contemplation

DRACULA – by Bram Stoker – A Book Review

Dracula by Bram Stoker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An amazingly interesting book about a subject and demonic personage that many people would tell you they know all about, although on questioning would have to admit that they had never bothered to read the whole book.
I would not call it a “horror” genre book simply because it doesn’t leave you with a feeling of horror, so much as a feeling of suspense, dread, and intrigue about what is going to actually happen next as the plot unfolds in a whole series of letters, diary entries and professional papers written in essentially chronological order by the victims, their lovers or spouses, and clinical psychologists of the 19th century.
The constant perspective of shifting the commentary from the viewpoint of the innocent victims detailing their nighttime encounters through a dreamy haze followed by the clinical observations of the signs and symptoms as seen by the doctors or friends of the afflicted person(s) gives the story a wholeness that grows into a complete picture that could never be fully depicted on the screen or by a group of actors.
I was continually impressed by the author’s depiction of the toughness, intelligence, fortitude, and persistance of the heroine and paramount victim of the story, Mina, wife of the real estate agent, Harker, who initially visits Dracula’s castle and begins to discover some of the underlying terrors that the Count holds and may bring with him in his impending move to an estate outside London. Mina is the one who loses her dear friend Lucy to the world of the undead and who then finds the she must continue to consort with the ephemeral vampire at night even while she knows that she is changing slowly into one of his kind.
This is a book that can hold you in its spell even after you have put it down for the night, as your mind sorts out all of the myriad details given by: Harker’s recounting of the rural Romanian peasants superstitions, the retelling of the terrible voyage to England by the sole survivor of the ship carrying the Count and his many coffins, and the crazed rantings of the zoophageous Renfield who becomes the Count’s means of entering the house wherein Mina is being kept safe through the power of the crucifix, the dust of holy wafers and garlands of garlic flowers.
The ending of the book brings to light the hiding places of Dracula’s coffins through precise detective work. Then the holy powers of the host and cross combined with the hypnotism of Mina to reveal the Count’s location, chase the demon out of England and send him fleeing towards the safety of his castle. The chase at the end should be followed by readers on their maps to gain some understanding of the remoteness that can still be found in the rivers and mountains of Romania where Castle Dracula stands and the Count is intercepted and destroyed.

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