Get Those Book Endorsements!

Hey folks,

If you are in the business of selling books, or for that matter just about anything else, you need people to recommend your product.  After sending out some fifty queries with a synopsis and sample sections of chapters to prospective endorsers for my new Civil and Indian War book “Rough Enough”, I have gotten back six really professional pieces that will look great on the back cover of the book when the galley proofs come out in the next month or so. At that point I’ll start searching for reviews in newspapers and magazines as well as prospective buyers from universities that have history departments seeking additional reading materials for their CW , IW or 19th Century history classes.   The research never ends and the minor corrections never seem to end on the book itself.  I can remember my dad actually paying microbiology students a dollar an error after his book “Microbiology in Relation to Man” came out in the 60’s. Gosh that was a long time ago! Hang in there, the book is coming!

I would like to hear from you

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