End of World Events: Getting Scientific Proof Finally!

Fellow end of worlders!
It finally hit me as to why none of us have noticed or been able to prove the occurrence of  end of the world events! This should help you understand and show how it should now be possible to actually prove scientifically that these events occur with regularity and more often than we may predict!
The recently predicted Mayan End of the world actually did occur!  Our problem was that we didn’t realize that it and all of the previous ends of the world have been linked to another often science debunked belief known as Universal Reincarnation! This theory is approximated in a number of religious beliefs, but they haven’t taken the thought far enough…. It’s really quite simple once you put it all together.
When an end of the world event occurs, it is automatically coupled with a universal reincarnation event. Therefore the entire universe including all of our thoughts and memories is reincarnated in a billionth of a nanosecond (one billionth of one billionth of a second). This is  too fast for use to recognize with out slow animal brains, so we simply all let a little simultaneous fart and continue with life as if nothing had happened, even though it really did!

Scientific proof is possible in two ways:
1. Since the entire universe is expanding at just under the speed of light, the new universe is going to be just slightly out of kilter with the old one.  So if you want evidence of this event’s  occurrence, all you have to do is set up your measurement equipment next to any object and the day after, your equipment will register that it has been displaced by slightly less than 1.14048 x 10 to the minus 8th inches! (This is the amount it would have been displaced if the universe was moving at the speed of light.) We should have the ability to monitor this type of event although quantum movements may skew the evidence somewhat.

2. The other proof of the event comes from the evidence left behind by the methane gas released by the simultaneous nan-farts that are let off everywhere on earth by living organisms just after the occurrence of the reincarnation event. It should be possible in the near future with our sophisticated atmospheric gas monitoring systems to record this through a reincarnation event, since the old record would be in existence and the reincarnated  metering system would then show a blip in gasses just following the event.

I hope this helps all of you understand the End of World Events and why you haven’t noticed them even though they seem to occur quite frequently. I actually was able to record both the movement and the gas passage of the Mayan event. Unfortunately, my coffee cup knocked my instrumentation and I will have to wait for the next event to replicate my results which were thus lost to history!>)

Best wishes in the new year, Rick McBee

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