Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine – Tidy up your mess! That’s the writer’s lot.

Oregon can have a lot of varied weather and today in Hood River was one of those. Ice pebbles in the early morning rain almost forming an opaque screen on the windshield followed by a warm front with fifty degree rain interspersed with sunshine to brighten the usually dreary Hood River day.  How I love to sit out on the porch for a few minutes with my eyes shut and just soak up the rays!

Today was clean-up day in the writing lab. I don’t know why most days my mind can be so organized on writing, editing, learning Civil War trivia, and methodically working on seashell classification yet leave behind a trail of chaotic note cards, open reference books, half read Scientific articles and open maps of Civil War Petersburg, VA.  It seemed like today was when it all hit me at to what a pig-sty I had created.  I guess in part it was also pointed out to me by my artist wife that she no longer had a place to put her oil paints and watercolors or to lay her picture mats because I had strewed the entire 400 square feet of room with my “stuff” to put it politely.  

Three hours later, the room looked a lot better, I felt better about getting back to my writing and my spouse was humming away as she framed yet another of her massive collection of botanical watercolors. My gosh, if we sold a few she could keep me in the style of life I’ve become accustomed to living.

Seriously, at least now I can find my calendar to start planning the book events for the summer and get on with making plans to visit St. Louis in July or late August for a book talk about Richard Clow’s life.  With any luck I can get up to the three events per week that my PR supervisor says will push the book up into the next category of sales.  So, get your copy of “Rough Enough” now off Kindle, Nook, Google Books, Ibooks and in Paperback to suit your own proclivities. E-Books are the wave o the future but you will still need to do some marketing to get out of the riffraff  and into the real market place where books sell like hotcakes.  So warm up the blogs, get your Amazon Author and LinkedIn sites up and go for it!

2 Comments on “Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine – Tidy up your mess! That’s the writer’s lot.

  1. Came here after reading Ionia’s review of your book, but was intrigued by the title of this post. I’m a Civil War fan having grown up in TN. However, I now live in Portland and recognized your description of the weather! I wish you well with your marketing and PR efforts, and your book has definitely been added to my list of “to be reads.”


    • Sherry,
      Thanks, for the comment on my blog/book. I hope you enjoy the book in that it looks at the war from the side of the enlisted man who, being on the front lines just had to do as told and get on with it sometimes to his own detriment. I looked at your blog. I can’t remember what my HS English teacher used to say about the Active vs Passive voice, but I am sure she has rolled over in her grave a few times with my publishing.
      Have a great day, the weather here has suddenly turned sunny and spring like and skiing on Mt. Hood was great!
      Rick McBee


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