Personalities Related to Richard Clow: Capt, David F. Clow II, R.N., (1802 – 1885)

Captain David F. Clow II was the first son of the elder David F. Clow. He was also a career British Royal Navy man and famously was a member of the combined British and French forces that took the Chinese city of Canton in 1857 during the second Opium War.    The attack began on Dec. 27, 1857 and actually the Chinese surrendered on January 1, 1858, so in the history books showing years it looks like a protracted war. Admiral Seymour was the commander of the three ship fleet that took the city and extracted concessions from the Chinese to allow more free trade.

David F. Clow II married Nancy Frazier and they had four children.  One of these, the elder son, George J. Clow will be featured tomorrow with a photo.

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