Back from a great Diving Trip in Curacao

Hey, it’s been almost a month since I posted – sorry, it was such a great diving trip that my writing got kind of way-laid.  Additionally, I picked up a viral computer bug that packed up my computer and I had to reformat the entire disk.  Fortunately I had a back-up, but you know how long it takes to set everything up again if you have ever had this happen.  I can’t believe the number of updates to the programs I am running since I first put my laptop into service in 2003.  Now I will only use it for my off-line work and do my on-line work through the newer model. …Back to the dive trip.

My wife and I both took a Padi Diver Rescue course for the first six days that we were there in Curacao.  An excellent thing to study. It certainly makes you aware of a lot of things that we all tend to get sloppy about after diving for a number of years such things as: predive plans, knowing the area, slow assent and even as important the slow descent when going do. Checking equipment BWRAF before you go in, use of non-resucitation oxygen systems and getting someone ashore and removing equipment….on and on, but it really improves the confidence in diving and doing it right.

If you are in search of a great diving site and place to stay, go to Waterside Apartments in Boca Sami, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles and take a look. Right on the water, we’ve been there over 12 times already in the past 10 years and are booked in again already for next year. Rudi and Tina are outstanding hosts!

We did 24 dives on this particular trip – all over the island, but about 2/3 in Snake Bay (Shlang Baii in Dutch) just in front of Waterside.  The perfect place to see rays, turtles, scads of fish and wonderful corals.  Other sites that are always our favorites – but not on weekends – are: Blue Bay – The Wall, Behind Electro-Curacao, Mari Pon Pon, Varsan Baii, Klein Knip, The tugboat – don’t miss swimming under the old piers at the end of the dive for big barracuda, West Point, Punta Mari, and Boca Sami Bay to name a few.

Equipment Rentals and Classes are easily found at nearby Wederfoort Dive and Blue Bay and Waterside has air tanks available at the regular price right at the Apartments so you just hang your gear in the locker and set up for dives in Snake Bay by walking in from the back door.  Great! See you there!

3 Comments on “Back from a great Diving Trip in Curacao

  1. So, I have been thinking the entire time that I followed you, so I must not be getting posts in my email because you hadn’t posted for a while. I get here, and would you look at that. I have missed tons of things. Someone just explained to me that if i don’t push the follow by email button, I don’t get them in my email. So I don’t see one on your site, so I am bookmarking instead. I have a lot to catch up on!

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    • You’re like me, I just found the “comments” section so that I know who is making comments. Sad that I’m so slow at learning all this stuff the kids know before they get to 6th grade. I saw your out of commission not today, hope you’re well, will await more posts as I enjoy reading.
      All the best!


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