Book SEOing: (Search Engine Optimization) for “Rough Enough”

I was run aground with ideas for ways of getting my book information out on the web!

Much like this 1913 postcard owned by the McBee family files , which was taken by my great grandfather, Richard H. Clow, of the Ship Anvil stranded on the Jetty off Florence Oregon in 1913!

S.S. Anvil aground - Florence Jetty background 001

Then I took a three day set of classes offered by John Ellis of <> at the Willamette Writer’s Conference. 

It was all about Search Engine Optimization on the web using key words that will associate you with the right terms, correct resources and other blogs to get you the most exposure possible!>))  WOW!

So how does this apply to my nonfiction book: Rough Enough?

Well, if nobody knows that Richard H. McBee Jr. published the book because they can’t find his name among a dozen other Richard McBee’s, on Google, then,  it’s pretty unlikely that anyone is going to ever run across the book in Googling that  name.  Likewise, if the short title of the book, Rough Enough doesn’t come up when someone Googles some key words like: Civil War Diary, or Civil War Sagas, or Fort Buford, ND …….   You get the gist: WHO IS EVER GOING TO FIND ME! Even at:

Depressing thought for an author : Buried under 100,000 other titles”?

So, SEO and John Ellis’s  ideas, recommendations and tools look like a Light at the end of a long dark tunnel. 

My first task: Decide on which Search Engine Words to Use!

Then to publish more Blogs on Rough Enough, and my other book Kalahari, and my current non fiction writings on Seashells and my fiction writing on Drug Wars.  Thus gaining Control of some key web space not already occupied by a Guru of incomparable STRENGTH.  

Thus I will gain my Power! Now! Off to my Google + account!  Awayyyyyy:>)))

More later from Rick McBee, aka Kalahari Rick!Book Cover Rough Enough jpg

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