Hypocrites! On the Infallibility of Politicians within the U. S. Empire

Essay on the Infallibility of Politicians views through the Protestant Principle

We just recently passed the very important Protestant Church Date of Reformation Sunday (commemorating the approximate date of 31 October, 1517,  when Martin Luther supposedly posted his 95 theses on the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Germany).

One of the basic ideas behind the Protestant reformation applied to the infallibility of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. It was called the Protestant Principle.

This Protestant Principle states loosely that: Only God is to be worshiped and only God can be infallible.  Thus the Church, the Pope, and human beliefs and doctrines which are not God are therefore fallible. That is to say they are prone to error!

How does this apply to the political scene within today’s empire, more commonly known as the United States of America?

  1. 1.      It applies in that we now have political party members who have elevated their political beliefs to the level of a religious God.
  2. 2.      By taking an oath of allegiance to the absoluteness of principles and beliefs of a political party, the participants of today’s ultra-conservative Republicans and Tea Party members have tried to elevate their political stance to that of an infallible God.
  3. 3.      By seeking to discern among themselves whether Ted Cruz or Rand Paul is the correct infallible prophet of their false God, these ultra-conservative Republicans and Tea Party members are falling into the same trap that the Roman Catholic Church fell into centuries ago, that is, placing a human as a purveyor of infallible belief.

What is the real core of Politics that it cannot live under the above principle of infallibility?

  1. 1.      Dictionary.com defines “politic” as: [pol-i-tik] adjective

a. shrewd or prudent in practical matters; tactful; diplomatic.

b. contrived in a shrewd and practical way; expedient: as in a politic reply.


  1. 2.      Chamber’s Twentieth Century Dictionary uses these words to describe “politic”:
    1. a.      Prudent, discreet, astutely contriving or intriguing.
    2. b.      Politics: becomes the art or science of government.


Do you get the gist of where I am leading?


  1. 1.      Are they Religious Prophets? If the ultra-conservative Republicans and Tea Party members who so vehemently uphold their falsely contrived God as an infallible set of beliefs, actually believe what they are saying, then they aren’t politicians, they are purveyors of a religion and should be separated from our government according to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  2. 2.      Or, are they Real Politicians? If on the other hand this same group of Republicans and Tea Party members are really only politicians and do not really believe in their party allegiance, then they are no more than astutely contriving or intriguing human beings who are using an expedient method of attempting to take control of the U.S. government and they have no idea whether their method will work nor any intention of following the path they espouse once they are in control.


In either case, it is time for the Empire of the United States of America to beware!


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