Ten Billion: by Stephen Emmott – Oh! Boy! Is the Population Bomb Ever Going to Get Us!>(



Here’s a MUST READ for everyone who has been interested in the population explosion since back in the early ZPG days of the 60’s when we all went out and got contraceptives and had vasectomies  (on in many cases only thought about)  to try to hold down the world population explosion and the  trend towards the inevitable population crash that is still to come.  www.fqacebook.com/TenBillionBook

Guess what all you reproducing guys and gals, the biological doomsday clock is still ticking and the outlook still doesn’t look good for the outcome of the overpopulated lemmings or their fast breeding mammal cousins the humans. 

When a top scientist working in the field, Stephen Emmott says essentially “We’re fucked,” we better believe it.  The book may be short and sweet, but that’s what life may be like by 2050. Read it and weep.

The population biology class you had back in the 1960’s really was correct! Some of us from then may actually see it in our lifetime – if I get to 2044 (fingers crossed?). Here’s the gist of what population biology says you’ll have to do!

    You have one of two possibilities to ensure your DNA has the best chance of survival in the world of the future:

A. put all your parenting and $$$ into a very few kids who will grow up to have lots of $$$ and be dominant in the world because you have the dough to do it, and they will buy their way into survival (think the P, Getty’s of the world)

— OR — !>)) try this!

B. You can do as the rabbits, bees, starfish, corals … do, and that is broadcast your DNA to the maximum (think G. Khan in Asia) and your DNA or some of it will likely survive the crash in the form of whatever species follows us – Heaven forbid evolution in humans is going to happen!

    The outcome is going to be obvious from Stephen Emmott’s stats and discussion. We’ve already made our choice as humans that there will be a population crash.  Now you sort it out on the individual level!

Read the book it needs to be out in the open and discussed!

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