Out of the SLUMP! Updating Amazon! Hawk-Wing Conch!

At long last I seem to be out of the SLUMP! Wow! I never knew how much time and energy having a small dog could take, and how much energy a 14 week old Welsh Terrier could have! I happen to be a very distractible person and a jet propelled chewer of computer and mouse cords can really drive one to the wall, not to mention the sewing room to replace those chewable little buttons that seem to hold the sofa cushions together.

So today has been a success – updating my information for “Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean” on my author page for Amazon as well as putting in four hours of mowing fields and burning my big winter burn pile. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!DSCN8456

Here’s a nice photo of a Hawk-Wing Conch of the Family Strombidae, Strombus raminus (Gmelin, 1791) found from Florida to Brazil and similar to one mentioned in my book.

Check it out!

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