Who Was the Model For this Vernon Corban Original Sketch?

Who Was the Model For this Vernon Corban Original Sketch?

Pencil Sketch of a beautiful lady done by artist Vernon Corban. Found in a batch of estate sale picture frames.

3 Comments on “Who Was the Model For this Vernon Corban Original Sketch?

  1. As it happens, a friend pointed this page out to me tonight. I am the artist that did this picture. To tell you the truth, I do not recall when or where I did this drawing. It might help to know where and whose estate the picture came from.

    I did hundreds of these portraits over a matter of several years while living in the Portland, Oregon area during the late 70s and throughout the 80s. I did a very few others in the state of Washington. It is unusual to not see a year marked under my name. Most of these portraits were done on 11″x14″ paper, and the majority were done at mall shows or other such venues. The earliest of these were done at a night club with live music. I did about 600 as volunteer work in rest homes and nursing homes.

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    • Vernon, Thanks for the feedback. I got the picture in a set of old frames that I bought which came I think all from the estate of Jenny Copper who lived in Hood River for years out off of Orchard Road. Anyway, I was just interested in the background if possible. I have called John Delapine in Hood River who ran the sale to see if he knew anything since evidently Jenny Copper’s husband used to buy up masses of pictures and other items to send off to his son who was an antique dealer. I visited your web site several months back and then couldn’t seem to follow up on the link to contact you. It seems to have taken me to Artists for a Better World (AFBW) which I am a new member of as a writer. Thanks again for getting back to me. The internet is an amazing grapevine. Rick McBee


      • A good possibility I did this of either her or someone in that area as I used to have a girlfriend across the river above White Salmon and ended up doing some portraits at an artists show in the area one year. This was about 1984 or 85.

        Glad you got to join as a writer with the AFBW. It seems to be a good connection for artists of all types.

        The power of the internet is indeed awesome. I had a guy re-contact me after something like 40 years. He was traveling around as a visitor from England and I arranged to put him up at my dad’s house for a night so he would have a place to stay. He remembered my name and all those years later got in touch with me by looking me up in Facebook. Then recently, I looked up an old college friend (lost contact about 42 years ago) and ended up returning a book of writings he had placed in my care all those years back. He was amazed and delighted not only that I had kept it and taken care of it, but was able to finally get it to him so many years later. But one of the things I really like about the internet is the access to so much information. I do a lot of personal research on it and find lots of stuff I would never have cleared up for myself in the days of encyclopedias and reference books. And often the depth of information is much better.


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