Africa Keeps Calling Me Back!

If you’ve lived on the continent, especially in the Kalahari or the Rain forests of the west coast, you can understand how the sights, smells and sounds elsewhere in the world can keep sending you into flashbacks of your former existence.

This picture:  IMG_0934  takes me right back to watching 6 big tuskers in 1976, feeding on the edge of a big lagoon in Chitabe area of Botswana, with my friend John Enright. This was after an hour of high stepping it over swamp mangroves and coming out on a sandy strip all torn up with elephant trails and feeding by breaking off the Makolwane palms for the nuts. How I wished I had my camera that day instead of the 458 Winchester. Truly magnificent animals! They deserve our respect and protection.

img507  This picture: takes my into the village of Buyuku near Sasse, outside of Buea in 1966 where I worked for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I was visiting a village celebration and the kids were all practicing their drumming and dances in order to show their stuff to their elders. A prime example of how kids of all ages learn by modelling the behaviors of their older siblings and their parents. Great fun here with my to-become wife, Jill, an IVS volunteer and Mickey Johnson, also PC Cameroon 1966.

This one!  Wow, 1973! Riding our horses, owned by George Riggs of Ngami Trading in Maun during the img026  big drought in which all of the rivers including the Shashi, seen here, had dried up and kids were taking the last fish out of a pool with their short spears!

If you haven’t been there yet, it’s time to go! I recommend Jenman Safari’s for the whole range of travel from rough camping to luxury suites!Click here for Jenman’s site!

If you need reading for your trip, get “The Ghosts of Ukuthula” Ghosts of Ukuthula being purchased! Or you can buy it directly from the publisher: www.createspace.com6210014

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