Pear Picking Time!

Already time to look at those Bartlett, Comice, Bosch and other pears for picking if you own a tree. I got over 100 nice pears off my tree today. You can tell if they are ready to pick if you lift the fruit just above horizontal and the stem snaps off the twig. Bosch pears tend to stay on, but most others will pop right off.

Here’s an assortment off my single tree with several varieties grafted onto the same tree.  Yumm! These all went into my fridge to allow them to ripen properly without ending up with brown centers. They will easily keep for several months if done correctly.


Here’s a great little pamphlet from Oregon State University Extension service to help you know when and how to pick and store your pears. They are very different from apples.

Check it out! OSU Extension Service paper.

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