Book Review! “Kill Process” by William Hertling. A New Era of ‘IT’ Sci-Fi! I wish I Could Still Climb Aboard!

Kill ProcessKill Process by William Hertling

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Open your eyes world! The new age of IT science fiction is upon us in a form that will educate you, entertain you and probably scare you a bit if you haven’t yet put masking tape over the intrusive camera eye of your PC, Laptop, or Smart-Phone. The process of working out all the set-up for an IT murder is fascinating! Especially when the murderer works for the largest IT corporation on the planet, can hack into the entire system, and is now thinking of starting up a new open source company that will cut into the mother company, TOMO, big time. It the threat to TOMO big enough for a murder contract to go out on our heroine? How do you work the deep net, sort out masses of burner phones and cheap PC’s to set up an untraceable hacking system to follow you quarry without getting nailed yourself?
Author William Hertling has the system down pat. He only lost me, I’m one of your ancient visual basic guys, for a couple of pages in the Ch. 15 – 16 discussions involving “Neuromancer” followed by the relationships between JSON, HTML, HTML5, and XML. Fortunately I didn’t ‘grok out’ and quit the book because it only gets smoother and better with every page.
Fabulously well written heroine and sub-heroine plots to overcome Angie’s PTSD, and paranoia in a male dominated world. The stats on abuse are great! The ending is the kind of suspense and tension that will suck you up and spit you out with new revelations on the uncanny ability of this author to devise new way of killing others. Definitely not an ‘old hat’ plot!
This book is a must read for all you old programmers, Apple 2E and Mac Classic users who have wished they could be reborn in this fabulous IT era!

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2 Comments on “Book Review! “Kill Process” by William Hertling. A New Era of ‘IT’ Sci-Fi! I wish I Could Still Climb Aboard!

  1. ___123___Book Review! “Kill Process” by William Hertling. A New Era of ‘IT’ Sci-Fi! I wish I Could Still Climb Aboard! – Rick McBee’s Writings___123___

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  2. Thanks for the comment and touch-back! Yes, that was one really great IT-Sci Fi book. I hope to see William at the Willamette Writer’s Conference coming up the first week in August in Portland, OR.


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