A Quote from “Ghosts of Ukuthula”tells it all about politics. Don’t forget Saturday’s Giveaway!

My old Peace Corps buddy from Cameroon (19666), Mickey Johnson,(That’s him with the Green Mamba – one lucky fellow it didn’t bite him!) made a gret observation about “The Ghosts of Ukuthula.”


He pointed out a quote from on p. 25, Chapter 3, that fits with a whole lot of what comes down politically  to us little folks about what ‘went down’ in the world.   Here it is –

“Look at this pile of shit!” Jim’s finger jabbing toward the long work table covered with piles of newspapers from all over the world. “Do you see any patterns in the reports on the airplane massacre?” He stormed around the room to where his assistant, Abe Miller, sat in front of a yellow tablet.  

“Sure, I see lots of patterns but not what you want if I get your drift.”

“Tell me what you see?”

“It’s all ‘spin’.” replied Abe. “Our politicians use it all the time. It isn’t about what really happened, it’s about saying your special version of blaming the other guy often enough so that everyone believes your story no matter how outrageous. Spin makes you quit looking for the truth of what really happened.”

“Fine!” snapped his boss, “so here we have a whole pile of spin about a bombing, none of which makes sense. Is that what you’re saying?”

Don’t forget these words six months from now as you see the reality of our new President’s first 100 days and compare it to what you were told to expect. The World has a way of taking the men who occupy that office and chewing up their promises and spitting them out (both Presidents and promises). Stay tuned.

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