What if another 1804 Silver Dollar exists?

During my visit into the remote sacred mountains of Myanmar (formerly Burma), I ran across a little known cave guarded by Buddha’s Cobras. After a slippery climb and crawl into the interior of the cave, I came across several shrines, one of which had a statue of a special Nat ( demi-gods incorporated into Buddhist theology back in 200 BC  the main line religious thinkers found they could not root out Nat worship from the indigenous Bagan (Pagan) tribes.   Nat Worship Site

The  special Nat was amazing in decoration and structure, and covered with gold leaf. But the thing that really hit me was that this Nat had only one eye like a Cyclops. And the eye was a silver coin!

I got up close and looked at it before the monk who what guarding the area shooed me away. But the one thing I noted was that the coin had the bust of a woman with flowing hair on it, The word LIBERTY above her head, and the date 1804 beneath the bust. It looked pretty much like this:

1804 Dollar 1

Well, I got back to my hotel that night and used my phone to get on the internet and guess what! An 1804 dollar sold at auction in the USA for over 3 million dollars! 1804 dollar sells for fabulous price!

Here’s the back of my dollar! Is it for real?

1804 Dollar 2

So, in the next 8 days as I was scavenging through the local flea markets seeing numbers of fake 1804 dollars, that they must be taken off of this one eal dollar that is stuck in a special Nat in a tiny hidden cave in Myanmar. Wow! I know where it is, but how would I get my hands on it?

it’s like knowing about the 38 carat diamond on the top of the Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s going to take James Bond or Jacob Nkwe or some other surreal thief to get it out and then sell it without having 10 million enemies hunting you for the rest of your life.

Here’s the diamond! Think about it!


Wow What a story!


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