Touch Screen Snapshots of Book: Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean

Here’s a great little touchscreen app. that I developed for my book: Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean. I call it:  Shells Caribbean Book snapshotsBook Cover Front 22Feb14-1 . It will show you some of the contents, pictures, diagrams and keys for the book which is generally sold as an e-book, but can also be purchased in paper form See my author site.  This app. is touchscreen in operation so whenever you find a “blue” icon or line, you can touch it and go to the menue or key.  With the Keys, you can touch the pictures and go to that section of the book that shows the actual individual shell pictures and the descriptions. Lots of see here, Hope you enjoys it!  The e-book is not touchscreen, but works the same way. I have the whole book in this app. form, but haven’t found anyone to publish it yet. 



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