“Suffer the Little Children”: Condoning Governmental Child Abuse?

This is my response to the government and officials of The United States of America, separating infants from their parents who are seeking refuge in our country, putting those infants on trial in our court rooms and sending them back to a life in their former country without their parents:

At what point are our congressional majority leaders and president and their officials held accountable for ‘child abuse’ or higher crimes when they condone doing to children what would be considered abduction and or kidnapping refugee children in order to threaten other refugees from coming to our country?  How can this placement of children and families under duress after they have fled opression in their own country be condoned? At what point will a judge be brave enough to tell our country that putting babies and infants on trial in our court system with no advocacy and representation is anything but criminal? At what point will it be considered legal for state officials to intervene when ICE officials break state laws about the handling, housing and caring for children in those particular states? At what point will an ICE employee who refuses to obey an order which according to The United Nations is a crime against humanity, be protected and allowed to refuse to obey an illegal order? At what point will international law put out a warrant, as they have done against other leaders who condoned crimes against humanity and arrest our leaders who strut so boldly about making America safer by imprisoning children?

This is a slippery slope and as Americans turn their backs on the innocent children who will suffer from these acts, we must realize how ordinary persons in many countries around the world have previously allowed tyranny to proliferate because they refused to stand up and say, “This is WRONG!”

There must be a better way, and it is up to our national leaders and the people in it who determine our government to direct our misguided leaders to do the right thing. The oppression of human rights and taking ouranger out of children is no the way to do it. We generally call that ‘Child Abuse’ whether it is the kid left in the overheating car, or the kid burned with cigarettes, or the kid taken by a mobster to hold for political or monetary ransom.

An important man once said,

“Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the Kingdom of God belongs. …” (Ref; NRSV)

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