The Supreme Court: Not about Political Party. It’s about our Nation’s Solidarity

Dear Readers, this is my open letter to the U.S. Senate. It is not inflammatory, but rather thoughtful, about what we are doing or allowing to be done to our country and our unique governmental institutions.

Dear Senators Wyden and Merkley,     5 October, 2018

I hope your office will have time to share with you the following ideas concerning the final vote on Mr. Kavanagh’s nomination for the position of Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

I, as a citizen of our country, hope that you will have the time to present the following to the full Senate before any final vote on Mr. Kavanagh’s assumption to a position which ranks as one of the highest in the land.

Dear Members of the U.S. Senate:

The nomination of Mr. Brett Kavanagh to a position of Justice of the Supreme Court should not be viewed as a nomination for a political agenda. It should be viewed as a nomination for employment. Mr. Brett Kavanagh is being nominated for a position as a lifetime employee of the United States of America.

As such, it is the Bound and Duty of all of the members of the Senate of the United States of America to review all of his qualifications as a citizen, a member of our society, a judge, and a moral and social leader who will take our country forward on the principles within our constitution to best fulfill the words within our original Declaration of Independence, that: “All – are created equal.”

Without our adherence to this sacred Bound and Duty towards employing the very best of our nation’s judicial members to this lifetime position, we risk moving our nation backwards towards a fragmentation of the very principles upon which we were founded.

It has taken over 200 years of blood sweat and tears on the battlefields, in the farms, within the factory walls, on the streets of our cities and in the our clinics and hospitals to move our now teenage nation, as nations go, into a position of being the world’s leader in influencing military, agriculture, business, employment, safety and health care. We have done this by listening to not just the majority of one, but by developing a consensus of balance between polarities which can only divide and split our nation into the haves and the have-nots, the wealthy and the poor, the exalted and the oppressed, the male and the female, and the laborer and the master.

Standing in the doorway to defend our precariously won freedoms born of a system of laws, are several Angels known as The Checks and Balances of our government. The highest of these Angels is final Justice, which is overseen by The Supreme Court of the United States of America. Every member of this lifetime, august body must fulfill their role in guarding our nation’s liberties. As such, for employment, they must move into their position without any drags of the past that might come forward at some inopportune time to put them under outside pressure or to skew their thinking and judgement.

You members of the Senate are the guardian Angels of the door into The Supreme Court. You have all had the opportunity to hear, read and understand all of the aspects with regard to the qualification and fitness to become a Supreme Court Justice. As you make a final vote on this nomination, you must all, individually within your souls take on this responsibility as a sacred trust for our nation. It is not whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, but as a human being, standing in the portal to ward off the kinds of Chaos that you can see in the world around you.

From my own position as an ordinary citizen, I believe that: You Can Do Better, than to give this Sacred Trust in Justice to Mr. Brett Kavanagh.

Sincerely, Richard H. McBee Jr.

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