The Conundrum of Immigration – – Making the Gears Work Smoothly – – No Easy Fix!

Conundrum: A problem admitting to no satisfactory solution (Def. #2, Amer. Heritage Dictionary- 1969).

America —Europe—Africa—Asia—Worldwide:

We’ve all got a big Problem! It’s called IMMIGRATION.

It’s affecting World social systems—- it’s causing BREXIT in Britain and in the USA— It’s exacerbating America’s TRIBALISM

It’s not just Farm Workers, or Students, or Refugees, or Soldiers, or Au Pairs,


or Birthers, or Hotel Employees, or Factory Workers, or Wholesale, or Transportation…

IT’s Kind of Like Trying to Fit all The Pieces of a Watch Together and Then Make it RUN!                                                                                                                                                         I personally have failed many times with watches since the age of 10! In like manner, Our Government has failed for 50+ years on a system of Immigration


    Over 40% of our entire Labor Force was composed of foreign born labor from 2005 – 2010


The USA Cannot Function Without Numerous Immigrant Workers —–  so ——  Shutting Immigrants is Not a Solution!

What Then is the Solution?

It will take Time, Willpower, a Plan, and Money! to do the following:

  1. Upgrade fencing and border barriers that are falling to pieces.
  2. Integrate Technology such as drones into our border patrol to spot people in the desert.
  3. Either change certain oppressive Latin American Governments forcibly, or put so much pressure on them that they have to quit raping their own countries and killing their own people which sends them walking a thousand miles north to seek asylum.
  4. Give Incentives to Central American Counties to build their economies: eg. do you want help to produce bananas, or clothing, or tech parts, or auto parts…. etc. to help your people stay in your country and be happy, or do you want to keep the status quo of gangs and thugs? If it’s the former – welcome to the dollar club $$$$. Or, welcome to the US Marines and a new government!>))
  5. Help make Latin American and Mexico Boom! A lot of Latin Americans will stay home with improved industy and safety. Our industries will benifit too.
  6. Ports of Entry need high tech solutions for searching more big trucks and vehicles, including ships, that are carring in most of the drugs into the US.
  7. Stop Weapons Trafficking from the US to Latin America with high tech searches of vehicles and vessels going South! The gangs and drug cartels are getting their guns from us and then we complain about them.  Duh?
  8. Employ more US Citizens to process persons seeking immigration and visas at out embassies and at the border.
  9. Employ more U.S. persons at facilities right on the border to hold screen and house properly the families and others seeking political asylum in the US.
  10. Employ more judges to give a swift turn around for asylum and deportation cases so we don’t pay for people to sit in our prisons and govt. housing at exhobitant prices when they ought to be on a plane going home or headed to their relatives who are already in-country.
  11. Hire more seats on planes to give all those one-way people rides back to the southern border of Mexico and into countries south of that where they belong when they are deported. It’s cheaper than keeping them here.
  12. Start holding Annual Central and South American Summit Trade Conferences annually to build relations and open up new trade deals which will benifit all of us.








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