Mortality Stats. and – Why wouldn’t you wear a mask?

I’m looking at the photos of all the people walking around in close proximity to one another on the beaches, in the malls, at the parties, weddings, churches and funerals during this time of the Corona Virus.

The disconnect between what we are doing as the stay at home restrictions are loosened, and the risk of contracting the Corona Virus and dying is blatantly obvious.

Why Wouldn’t We Wear Masks During the Corona Virus Epidemic?

Alex Azar, the secretary of health and human services, wears one when he visits factories. Why? Because it’s a safety measure and it sets a good example of what people should be doing on the job.

The Secret Service Wear Masks while on the job. These guys are TOUGH! So we know it has nothing to do with being brave.

All the secretaries, aides and managers wear masks when touring factories with the president. Why? Because the factories have rules about their workers wearing masks and it shows that we respect rules and value the health of our vital US workers.

So – Why doesn’t President Trump wear a mask? Doesn’t Mr. Trump know the dangers of working without proper Corona Virus Protections? Perhaps one day he will explain.

Let’s look at danger statistics for no protection at work based on current Corona Virus Statistics and the deaths from Dangerous Jobs in the USA based on the latest, 2016, Government Statistics.

Rates of Death are generally stated in either percent or with a number out of 100,000 persons:

Corona Virus:  6% in USA or 6000 deaths out of every 100,000 cases of the virus.

Safety Measure: Wear Masks, keep your distance, don’t touch face, pick nose, you know the drill…..

My running around town mask – Fogy Glasses is the worst part,

Now compare the risk to the 5 most Dangerous U.S. Civilian Jobs based on 2016 government statistics

  1. Logging is the very MOST dangerous – .1359% die or 135.9 deaths per 100,000 – Pretty good compared to COVID 19 don’t you think?

Safety Measure: Wear helmets, chainsaw chaps, gloves, watch for falling objects

  • Professional Fishers and fish work – .086 die or 86 deaths per 100,000

Safety Measure: Wear life preservers, watch machinery, wear survival suit…

  • Aircraft Pilots – .055% or 55 deaths per 100,000

Safety Measure: Wear parachute, check plane, know route, know weather know instruments …

  • Roofers – .0486% or 48.6 deaths per 100,000

Safety Measure: Wear Safety Harness, wear proper shoes, watch ladders…

  • Refuse and Recycle workers: Wear reflective clothing, watch equipment, watch traffic …

All of theses most dangerous jobs have certain safety rules and equipment to wear. People obey them and in general they don’t get hurt and killed so often.

A side note here: Military mortailty can be inherently much – much greater than civilian jobs: Up to 20% for some military operations. That’s 20,000 deaths per 100,000 troops! But in general this is only during certain wars for certain military jobs such as the Infantry and Marines. And these folks wear their protective gear!

So: What are people trying to prove if they don’t wear masks? It’s just protective gear for a bug that’s an awful lot more dangerous than any hazard the majority of people will ever encounter in any civilian job during their entire lifetime.

I’m not sure! Perhaps you can tell me!

For myself, I wear a mask and keep my distance for a number of reasons even though my glasses get foggy occasionally.

  1. I may have the COVID19 infection and not know it. I don’t want to give it to the grocery store clerk or the mail person, or the next door neighbor, or my grandchildren when I happen to be in a situation of being a little bit too close. 
  2. I believe that by wearing a mask I am showing respect for all of the workers in stores and in the public offices, factories and construction workers when I am near them.
  3. I want to be less infective to others if I have the virus.
  4. I want to lower my chances of picking up the virus when I have to be in a public place.
  5. I am over 75 years of age and want to set an example for others in helping bring this crisis to an end.
  6. I have worked, lived and travelled nearly 1/3 of those years (25 years) in unhealthy countries and been lucky enough to not come down with any of the real nasty diseases in Africa, South and Central America, Asia and elsewhere. I’m savvy enough to know when to take chances and when to walk the straight and narrow. I’m not about increase my risk of coming down with some virus bug and let it put me in a respirator or 6 feet under just because I’m too stubborn to follow a few easy rules that will help keep me and a lot of others whom I love and respect, safe.

Face it, Wearing a mask is NO BIG DEAL.


Modeling a mask made by our neighbor. Great!

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