40 Shots across the Bow! Our Constitution still holds together!

Our Constitution of the United States of America has just withstood some forty shots across the bow of Democracy.

Fortunately, like its namesake, The USS Constitution, which in the War of 1812 defeated five British warships, our paper document, The Constitution, took some nasty hits yet survived.

It took the “Rule of Law” of our Court System to hold the Ship of State together and keep The United States Democracy afloat in 2020 as many Americans fell for euphoric belief in ONE PARTY RULE.

We have now had fair warning that we are skirting a dangerous “Dead End” if we don’t fix the Constitutional and State’s Rights for everyone to vote and be counted in our National Elections.

The Democracy of The United States of America can be subverted! It can be done through propaganda and lies spread through our media, It can be done through the viral infection of voting machines which have no paper back-ups to show voters and auditors exactly what a machine supposedly did. It can be done through political and monetary pressures placed on the supervisors and proctors of our state, national and local elections, and it can be subverted through our current Electoral College system which was conceived before even the Pony Express and has not been updated to deal with modern technology, legal precedents, and new laws that allow vast sums of money, and corporate power to enter into and influence each and every voting situation we now have.

It is now obvious that the subversion can more easily came from within our country, mediated by citizens of our country, rather than from outside our country. It will happen in exactly the same manner as as we have seen the democracies in Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Venezuela, and many other democratic nations fail in the past 50 years. The results of these internal “Takeovers” are clearly seen in their results which brought about One Party Rule, which will broke no deviation from the One Party Line of Thought. The results also bring in the Installation of Demagogic Leaders, such as: Robert Mugabe, Military Juntas, Hugo Chavez, General Pinochet to name a few in recent memory. These are leaders whose goal starts with an apparent justifiable cause and ends with them being Rulers for Life once we let them in the door. Once the Takeover is affected, all those dreams of freedom and rights go out the window subjugated by POWER.

The rents in the fabric of U.S. and holes in our American Democratic voting system for Presidents and other officials have been revealed to us! They have allowed flagrant attacks on our Democracy from within our own government.They need to be plugged immediately. Unless we shore up our 200+ year old Constitution and democratic election process, we are a stone’s throw away from descending into the same chaos of the countries we used to look down our noses at and call “Banana Republics.”

Write or forward this to your congressional leaders. It’s time for a Constitutional Convention to patch up the holes before the legal and technological worms invade again as you can bet they will, on or before 2024.

This is not about political parties, it’s about preserving our Multiparty Democratic Republic and all of our voting rights and freedoms before they are undermined further in a world where dictators always lurk in the wings. Long May She Wave!

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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