I tried Once: I wrote to the President 8/23/2017

Dear Mr. President,

    I am sure you want to be an excellent president and hope that my recommendations can help you pass through and beyond this tough time and do some things in the final 7/8ths of your presidency that will leave a lasting memory of your having done something to build America and make her greater. These are my recommendations:

1. Forget about tweeting. Let all of your comments come from your press secretary and office personnel and spend your night time working on the plans for the few great things you can accomplish in office.

2. Forget about Russia and any part of the investigations and innuendo circling about that whole situation and concentrate on only your official work on your major goals.

3. Forget about tax cuts for the rich. They already have so much money that they can give up their salaries the way you are ding and still pay taxes and still have so much left over that they will never be able to spend it in their entire lives. This will be a great improvement to your standing immediately and America’s little people will applaud you.

4. Forget about the Affordable Care Act which the House Republicans have spent 8 years trashing and now can’t come up with anything even as good. Just tell them to fix needs to be fixed and get on with working with the Democrats to do so. This will be  your first improvement to America and her people and you will be remembered as the man who fixed the ACA rather than wasted his whole time in office on something that isn’t going to ever make your or the people who voted for you happy.  The biggest improvement will be to allow larger area coverage and then even a single payer plan which will cut an amazing amount of cost. See the Rand Corp study of Oregon as a model fir what should be done.

5. Now get on to the big things that America needs that you can really do something about.

  a. Infrastructure: America needs Roads, Rails, Bridges, and all our infrastructure reworked after over 50 years of patchwork. Get this through Congress immediately and then put all those out of work coal miners and other workers to work on construction with government subsidized training of those people to get them prepared to be flaggers, machine operators and shovel men.  Also put in a subsidized training program for technology to move those unemployed into the computer tech areas that our country so badly needs so that we don’t have to keep bringing in more foreign trained workers for areas we should be able to fill from within our own educated population.

   b. Tax Codes: Cut the taxes of the lower class people, those who individually make under $50,000 per year or couples who make under $100,000 per year. Then cut out the capitol gains and loss exemptions for everyone who is above $150,000 in income and use that for your programs of education and putting people to work on the infrastructure. Give the small businesses (under $1,000,000 profit) a bunch of tax breaks to build this sector of the economy. Keep the money comeing out of the pockets of the big boys who can afford it.

6. In doing all of these things you will have to forget about all of the lobbies from all the big boys who want to influence you. 

Sir, if you do all of these things, you will walk out of 4 years of office with a clear ticket into the Whitehouse for another 4 years and a legacy that no-one can match.

Trust me.

Yours sincerely,

Richard H. McBee Jr.

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