I tried Three Times: I wrote to the president – 18 August 2017

Dear Mr. President, 18 August 2017

Thank you for the letter you sent acknowledging my previous letters.

        I note that you continue to tweet on topics which are best to ignore, thus creating an appearance of chaos in your office.  This is building your stress levels to a point that is unsustainable and not good for the country.  Thus, I hope that in order to get a handle on this tendency for outbursts, you simply cut yourself off from all internet activity for a month or two.

Take only meetings on specific topics relevant to national priorities as set by your very competent Chief of Staff. Let your press secretary handle the daily press conferences, to explain to the media what the President is concentrating on today with names of persons and the points of discussion.  Start a weekly cycle, one topic a day,  of presentations about your highest 5 priorities of government, which I am presuming include:

  1. Improving the Affordable Care Act,
  2. Improving the infrastructure of our roads, railways and electrical grid, International affairs,
  3. National Security and:
  4. National Budget, Economy and Tax Code. 

Stay away from watching the TV specials or from unscripted talks on the teleprompter and have each of your secretaries of commanders write you a couple of short paragraphs that you can quickly edit and read about the day’s progress on the topic at hand. This will then give your communication more flow from day to day.

Then on a daily basis write a two to five sentence hand-written memo to each of the main staff members you work with that day. Have your Chief of Staff let them know they are moving forward now in a planned operation to, “make America great again.” 

Don’t deviate from the plan. Trust your chief of staff and the other professionals, and make them present “best practice evidence and recommendations” even if these seem counter to your current thinking.  Use the term “best practices” when describing how you want to accomplish anything and have your staff call on experts, regardless of ideology who know these things.

Make Congress use “best practices” recommendations in writing their laws. Then do everything in your power to always look calm, in control and unruffled and be a happy family man. If you do this, you will be able to regain control of the helm of the nation and move it forward with an approval rating that will soar rather than sour in the next 12 months. 

Sincerely, Richard McBee

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