Evil Desecration of a Church in D.C. by rioters and a time to remember how Evil in WW2 destroyed nations

The Rioters in Washington D.C. didn’t just desecrate the Halls of Congress and our National Flag, and the Flag of “Support the Police” and the Flag of “Jesus”, by waving them as they broke into Congress and killed police and chanted “Lynch Pence” and Threatened out National Government.

They also desecrated the ELCA Lutheran Church in D.C. as told here by Bishop Leila Ortiz on the Wednesday morning prior to the riots at the Congress. They broke into a prayer vigil for BLM at the church and reenacted the killing of George Floyd in front of the congregants. https://www.facebook.com/metrodcelca/videos/827487214464232

Evil knows no boundaries whether secular or religious. The lies spread by Evil must be opposed at all cost!

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tells of growing up in Austria following WW2 and the aftermath of the hatred and the effects on the people who saw or did terrible things and the people who stood by and allowed things to occur but remained silent.https://twitter.com/Schwarzenegger/status/1348249481284874240

America can no longer allow the rot of lies and evil to tear our country apart. Support our next President, Joe Biden and work for unity in our nation to stand up against and help repair the damage done by the lies and riots of January 6, 2021.

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