What do the Simple folk do #5? They Go hiking for Flowers!

Even as some persons get the COVD-19 Vaccine shots, there will still be a need to distance from others until we have a giant chunk of the US population protected from the Virus. So, those of us in the 65+ age bracket in Oregon are continuing to take to the hills during the spring weather and get out to see the blooming newly sprouted spring flowers. Hikes of 3 – 5 miles can take you off the beaten track or through some great cross country in the Columbia Gorge to see some of these beauties. Here are a couple of my favorites from the past couple of weeks near Hood River, Oregon!

Memaloose/ Marsh Hills area, Oregon: https://www.gaiagps.com/public/Yvgwj1yvA3EMUij8rnYfGjZn

This is a great hiking area which can be easily started from the East bound Interstate 84 Rest Stop just 3 – 4 miles past the Mosier, Oregon Exit, or, you can go off at the Mosier exit, and take old Highway 30 East out of Mosier up to a viewpoint about 2 miles east and park your car there and walk on the trail which takes off just across the road heading south through the hills. (See my post on the Bat House Hike from earlier in the year for other sites in the area as well. Lots of great flowers to see this time of year!

A Chilly Day, but flowers don’t mind! Yellow Bells, Buttercups, Grass Widows (purple and white) Or, on the Washington side of the Columbia there is another great place to see Spring in action.

Catherine Creek, Washington: https://www.gaiagps.com/public/JXq0zOxOrraOodx9PoZ9icAe

Trails and maps, cliffs and vistas, desert parsley, and shooting stars!

If you like hiking, and get to this part of the USA, then you should definitely visit the Columbia Gorge and bring a good reference book. I recommend:

Gerry Frank’s “Oregon” ISBN: 978-1-879333-23-9

and Rhonda and George Ostertag’s book: 100 Hikes in Oregon ISBN: 0-89886-298-1


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