??Vaccination Card a Hot Button?? we’ve had them Since the 60’s!


I read the Headline this AM – Vaccine Passports Hot Button with GOPWHAT ARE WE STILL IDIOTS? Here’s the article: https://www.yahoo.com/news/vaccine-passports-hot-button-issue-083127591.html

Wait a minute! I voted Republican back in the 60’s – THAT’s WHEN I GOT MY FIRST VACCINATION CARD!

My Travel to Europe, Africa, in U.S. Military: During the 60’s everyone gave them out and you were expected to have it when you went through immigration into any country including getting back into the U.S. of A !

Were you vaccinated for: Smallpox? Yellow Fever? Cholera? Hepatitis? Tetanus? Diphtheria? Measles? Rubella? ,,,

Here’s what we carried! 8 page yellow Certificate of Vaccination! At the top of the page is what we carried! Hand it to Immigration with your passport or “Go through that “DOOR” to see the Dr.!” QUARANTINE!! Do it year after year whether you think you ought to carry a dang card or not! Right up into the 2000’s!

Outbreak of “Cholera” in Chile in “88“! Just when i’m headed to Easter Island, Santiago, and Puerto Montt! – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1842997/ – You really want to travel to Chile? Better have your vaccination card with the shot in the last 6 months!

Another outbeak of “Yellow Fever” in Venezuela in 2007? Gee, my vaccination hasn’t been updated in the last 10 years! Better get a shot down the street if you want to keep working here!” Just staple it into your great big World Health yellow pages!

Just Carry the danged thing with all the other cards you carry in your wallet or purse and GET OVER IT!

2 Comments on “??Vaccination Card a Hot Button?? we’ve had them Since the 60’s!

  1. Richard,
    This is great. Those were the days when people obeyed the law, medical authorities, and their COs. Now it’s don’t infringe on my freedoms.


    • Yep, everyone wants the other guy to obey everything while they do whatever they please. P. S. Got the book today. Will read it in next two weeks and do a review. Thanks a million.


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