The Nixon Precident Applied to Trump!

Freedom and Justice will Prevail!

The Bipartisan Joint Committee to Investigate the January 6th 2022 break-in to Congress has come down to the crux of the point that shows who was really running (or not) the Ship of State at the time of the riots that led to the intimidation of Congress, the attempt to overthrow the legal will of the people to elect a our President, and the threat to the life of then Vice President, Mike Pence.

It’s the same standard that was applied to former President Richard Nixon for whom I voted way back over 50 years ago! What did the President know and when did he know it!

When that investigation showed that Mr. Nixon knew about the break-in to the Watergate, I changed my mind about the infallability and the immunity of a President. Mr. Nixon knew of and planned the break-in with his official cronies. The few short tape recorder phrases of Mr. Nixon and the testimony of Mr. John Dean were all it took to persuade even his closest Republican allies to back off and say, “No Person is above the Law! The only reason Mr. Nixon was not prosecuted under the law of the land was because he was pardoned by the new President Gerald Ford. Otherwise he would have gone straight to trial and jail!

So now we have seen and heard from numerous witnesses, the fact that Mr. Trump, while holding the official office of President of the United States, worked and planned with his cronies to:

  1. Rile up militaristic gangs who were seeking to gain control through violence.
  2. Sold a pack of lies about a legal election that he alone labelled as fraudulent.
  3. Misled law abiding citizens to the point that in their fervor they committed unlawful acts for which they are now facing life altering consequences.
  4. Pressured legally elected and appointed state and federal officials to commit unlawful acts.
  5. Continued to defy the laws and courts of the land and raise money under false pretenses to fund his charade of falsehoods to the people.

The Facts are Clear! Mr. Trump Knew! He Knew and Planned it and did nothing to stop it! Time to stop the pussy-footing around and call a spade a spade!

As we see this tragedy to our country unfold in the testimony from numerous witnesses and participants, we should be proud of:

  1. Be proud of the select Bipartisan Committee which has been willing to follow the trail of falsehoods and lies to their source, Mr. Trump.
  2. Be especially proud of Former Vice President Michael Pence who stood his ground as a person well grounded in values and morals and the historical constitutional traditions of our Nation so that he prevented an outrage that could have easily toppled our form of government.
  3. Be proud of all those members of Congress who have had the guts to stand up for the rule of law and what is morally right, rather than join in on what some continue to hope will be a power grab as they compromise their own values and morals in supporting the lies of a would be dictator.
  4. Be proud of all those many true patriotic police, government clerks, voting supervisors and all the people who make our system fair, open and available to all when it comes to voting and expressing our opinions in One Nation – Indivisible -With Justice for ALL!

Be Proud that Liberty and our Democratic Experiment Lives on! Get out and Vote! That’s the Revolution!

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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