“YES WE CAN!” But – Only if We VOTE! For Solutions!

This was the THEME of former President Barak Obama’s Campaign!

America can have whateveer it wants, But – Only if we stand up for what we want and VOTE! For Soutions!

American’s Issues:

  1. Home and Personal Security: Mass Murderers and Safety: America Doesn’t have to put up with mass murders with Automatic Weapons and Drive-by Shootings and Armed Robberies! We can do it all without taking away our Second Ammenment Rights to have Well regulated Militias and our right to Bear Arms. All we have to do is get out and VOTE! Right now! All we have with Automatic Weapons in the hands of Anybody, is No Control! Over This issue! If we VOTE we can put into office a Senate and House that will begin to work on sensible controls to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and crazies and to put those who do acts of violence with deadly weapons go to prison for a long-long period of time. Nobody has ever or will ever take away our Right to Bear Arms, so quit belly aching and get out and VOTE! for a Solution!
  2. Financial Security: A livable minimum wage: America Doesn’t have to put up with two people in a family needing to work full-time jobs and still having to live in a tent and not being able to afford food, clothing and shelter. There is a 2 part solution which Congress can implement NOW – called – A. making the richest members of our society and corporations pay the same minimun tax as the lowest level of tax payer. That is 15% of What ever they make before paying any dividends or bonuses to stock holders and executives! and B. By raising the minimum wage so that a single wage earner can take home enough pay in a 40 hour week to afford no-frills food, clothing and rent in their Community as calculated for that area. All our Children and their children deserve the right to earn a living wage in what has become the 40 hour per week and become financially secure. If you get out and VOTE – there can be long terms solutions to Family Financial Security!
  3. Cut Waste of taxpayer $$ in Governmen waste: Congress controls the purse strings on the American Budget. They can solve the massive waste of our tax money by A.Requiring all government purchasing to be put out on bid for all purchases from the private sector including : Presidential, Congressional, Military, Medicines, vehicles, Health Care, Health Insurance, Retirements, Military, etc…. B. Require all congressional and government and military travel, junkets office refurbishing and trips and hotels and food to be put out on bids andto pay only a per diem amount of Govt. Dollars to reimburse any expenses by government officials. C. Require all military gasoline and other purchases for transports to be bought only once out af any section’s budget. Additions outside budget need to be authorized individually by Congress. D. Cut all pork barrel deals and regulat Lobbying activities and contributions to politicians. We can get the graft and financial corruption out of our Politics by getting out and – VOTING!
  4. Take the big money pressure and graft out of Campaigns for Political Office: Get Back to One Adult Human – One Vote for our elections by Congress Making Laws Prohibiting Any Corporation, Person, PAC, or group from giving to Political Campaigns any amount larger than what he average American Citizen individually gives. IF we really believe in a Democracy of the Ordinary People controlling government, then we need to get out and Vote!
  5. Regulate Immigration: America needs workers to keep out economy going, both high paying wage earners and farm and domestic workers. Many of these workers need to be on Temporary or annual Visas instead of allowing them to immigrate. Congress must make laws that allow ample temporary visas for all sectors of our worker needs and also have strict penalties for individuals, including domestic household employers who violate immigration rules by hiring illegal aliens. Congress must also allocate $$ and incentives to other countries to have them remain stable and keep their people at home!.. You can do this if you get out and VOTE!

I have already VOTED in this election! I hope you ave or will VOTE also!

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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