Sand Between my Toes! Kindle Countdown – Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean!

Thinking about the squeak of sand between my toes on a beach in Curacao or Florida or Barbados makes me shiver with delight just thinking about all the new shells that have washed up and will be washed up in the coming months with the rough seas along those coasts. Wow! Another year ahead of collecting shells whether it’s along the Oregon, California Coasts or  down in the warm tropics! What a great hobby to enjoy, and now it’s even easier with a Kindle Version of a book that will allow you to classify quickly and easily right on the beach with a few taps of your fingers! Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean is just that sort of book, developed by a Biologist, Computer, Teacher, Whizz!  It preforms up to snuff and refers you straight to 6 other references that you might already own in order to get more in-depth information on your specimen! Get it now and be ready for your next great Caribbean holiday!Image


Civil War Buffs! Kindle Countdown Sale on “Rough Enough”!

Don’t forget to check out how “Rough Enough” has risen on the sales charts this past 24 hours. The sale is still on and well worth the buy for all you Civil War Buffs and Professors who are trying to follow these soldiers from the end of the war into the Frontier Era.  Richard Clow’s diary and letters to his sisters flesh out some areas of the enlisted man’s life that have been given short shrift by the officers. What do you really know about: conditions in the holding camps before soldiers shipped out? Or the conditions on the transport ships that carried hundreds of soldiers from Boston and elsewhere to the South? Or what the enlisted men did for three months following Lee’s?

Find out some of the answers to these questions and more with a copy of “Rough Enough” on your Kindle or other e=book.Image  

April Madness! “Beachcomber Sea Shells of the Caribbean” – starting Kindle Countdown Sale 24 April, 2014!

The Beaches of the Caribbean and Florida are breezy and warm this time of the year and this is the ideal time to stroll the shores of your favorite island and pick up those beautiful and timeless treasures, the seas shells! So take along your Kindle with a copy of “Beachcomber Sea Shells of the Caribbean, and use the best set of pictorial keys on the market to classify and learn about that beauty you just picked up. Here’s a book suitable for the beginner, the student in the classroom and the advanced Conchologist. The 99 cent sale begins at 8AM on the 24th of April and, No Fooling, you’ll get the best deals on this book for the next week as we count down the 7 days to get back up to full Kindle price by the end of the month. Tell everybody you know about this great opportunity!Image

Kindle Countdown for “Rough Enough” begins at 8AM April 24!!>))

Get your best buys on my Civil War book, “Rough Enough” beginning with 99 cent Kindle Countdown sale starting April 24!

“Rough Enough” will hold you enthralled with Richard Clow’s letters to his sisters as he fights at Petersburg during the final bloody days of the Civil War. You will then be transported to the frontier forts  of Montana where he battles against the Montana cold and the best light mounted Infantry of the world, Sitting Bull’s Sioux.   Follow him to rough and ready Deadwood at the time of Wild Bill’s demise as he strikes it rich in the gold fields. Re-blog this to your friends who will enjoy a new personality from the Civil Wart to the Frontier.  Image


Out of the SLUMP! Updating Amazon! Hawk-Wing Conch!

At long last I seem to be out of the SLUMP! Wow! I never knew how much time and energy having a small dog could take, and how much energy a 14 week old Welsh Terrier could have! I happen to be a very distractible person and a jet propelled chewer of computer and mouse cords can really drive one to the wall, not to mention the sewing room to replace those chewable little buttons that seem to hold the sofa cushions together.

So today has been a success – updating my information for “Beachcomber Seashells of the Caribbean” on my author page for Amazon as well as putting in four hours of mowing fields and burning my big winter burn pile. I think I’ll sleep well tonight!DSCN8456

Here’s a nice photo of a Hawk-Wing Conch of the Family Strombidae, Strombus raminus (Gmelin, 1791) found from Florida to Brazil and similar to one mentioned in my book.

Check it out!

The Art Forger: by Barbara A. Sahpiro: Oh! What a Glorious Occupation!

Barbara A. Shapiro’s Novel “The Art Forger” Takes you where few have gone with a twist for mystery, love and adventure in art!

If you want to read a work that is right up there with the “Thomas Crown Affair” (book and film) then you need to read this book! Barbara Shapiro has done us a service by taking the history and techniques of art forgery and spinning them around Clair Roth, a “want to be” artist who just can’t find her niche. Then the inspiration of doing what she does best, comes to the forefront when her expertise as a copier of Degas paintings is needed to make a copy of what appears to be a fake Degas to her, yet has been the center of attraction  at the Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston for nearly a century until it was stolen.

Now Clair becomes embroiled in the mystery of the stolen painting “After the Bath” by Degas coupled with the secretive love life of Isabel Stewart Gardener and her will which destroyed all but a few links to he long ago affair with the great painter Degas.

You’ll walk away from this book wanting to know more about the Dutch forger Han van Meegeren who was required to repaint a forgery to prove that he should not be executed for selling a Dutch national treasure to the Nazis during WWII. You’ll think about buying that special big oven to bake your paintings in at 248 degrees to speed up your oil paint layering and your own forging process. You will fall in love with girl who is seeking her true calling in life and talent and the man she truly loves.

Buy it! Read it!     

Beachcomber Sea Shells of the Caribbean – the Proof book is on my table!


Here’s the front cover for the new Book!  Wow, editing was a nightmare with all of the minutia of page numbers and references, but it’s done and on the way.  Paper version first on Amazon and then the Kindle should be ready in a couple of days after that.  Finally, I’m going to work with one of the e-pub places to get the interactive book done so you can shoot around the book on your tablet while you’re cruising the beach as well!  Should be on the shelves for Amazon next week! Enjoy!


Ten Billion: by Stephen Emmott – Oh! Boy! Is the Population Bomb Ever Going to Get Us!>(



Here’s a MUST READ for everyone who has been interested in the population explosion since back in the early ZPG days of the 60’s when we all went out and got contraceptives and had vasectomies  (on in many cases only thought about)  to try to hold down the world population explosion and the  trend towards the inevitable population crash that is still to come.

Guess what all you reproducing guys and gals, the biological doomsday clock is still ticking and the outlook still doesn’t look good for the outcome of the overpopulated lemmings or their fast breeding mammal cousins the humans. 

When a top scientist working in the field, Stephen Emmott says essentially “We’re fucked,” we better believe it.  The book may be short and sweet, but that’s what life may be like by 2050. Read it and weep.

The population biology class you had back in the 1960’s really was correct! Some of us from then may actually see it in our lifetime – if I get to 2044 (fingers crossed?). Here’s the gist of what population biology says you’ll have to do!

    You have one of two possibilities to ensure your DNA has the best chance of survival in the world of the future:

A. put all your parenting and $$$ into a very few kids who will grow up to have lots of $$$ and be dominant in the world because you have the dough to do it, and they will buy their way into survival (think the P, Getty’s of the world)

— OR — !>)) try this!

B. You can do as the rabbits, bees, starfish, corals … do, and that is broadcast your DNA to the maximum (think G. Khan in Asia) and your DNA or some of it will likely survive the crash in the form of whatever species follows us – Heaven forbid evolution in humans is going to happen!

    The outcome is going to be obvious from Stephen Emmott’s stats and discussion. We’ve already made our choice as humans that there will be a population crash.  Now you sort it out on the individual level!

Read the book it needs to be out in the open and discussed!

Rough Enough: The best in Civil War History – Backwith Amazon! The Red Border Cover!

Rick Book Cover new jpeg

Back at last!      Worldwide Distribution!      In Better Format!    Better Font!

Through Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space

ISBN# 9781494257668

See: author/rickmcbee for more details!

With a page of quotes from some of the Reviewers!

You will Read this like it was your favorite adventure story – only It’s True History!


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