Better off with a new political horse and course? I think not!

Let’s see you pragmatists and probability analysts out there – stock market up, jobs up , housing starts up, real estate market up, wars down…. I could go on. 

Do we switch horses in the middle of things getting better? I think not.  Any administrator can tell you it takes three to five years to really turn a big company around. Now if Mitt isn’t telling us that, then either he’s pretty vague on an plans for our future (which I think he is based on his speeches) or he is planning to follow in Obama’s path and is really a liberal in disguise saying anything to get into the White House (not a good reason), or he’s planning to make some really great big changes that are a bit tricky and he doesn’t want you to know how he’s going to gamble with your future. 

Based on probability, I’m not sure Mitt can promise me that his program won’t reverse the current positive upswing that we’re in.  The odds are greater that he’ll do something to screw up the jobs, housing, stock market, war situation …  and we all know where we’ll be when that happens again, having just climbed out of the pickle barrel after four years.

Thus, given the options of continuing to slowly improve the economy etc. or take some unspecified changes that could mess up , I’m advising us to stick with the trusty tried and true three year horse that we’re currently riding.  Slow and steady wins the race!

Stick with old Dobbin and you’ll get there!

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