The New Civil War Book “Rough Enough” is Posted on the Internet!

See and order my new Civil War Book at this site!

“Rough Enough: Including Richard H. Clow’s Letters and Diary from the Civil and Indian Wars, 1865 – 1875.” 

At the tender age of 17, Richard Clow leaves to fight in the
Civil War. In Rough Enough, read his actual letters home as
Clow tells of the bloody battles of Petersburg and Lee’s retreat
to Appomattox Court House. Upon returning home, Clow is
unable to readjust to civilian life, reenlists and ultimately fights
against Sitting Bull’s Sioux.
But the stress of war and life as a soldier are almost too much for
him to handle. Clow struggles with battles and constant death.
He begins to show symptoms of the frontier disorder known as
“Soldier’s Heart.”
Is he tough enough for war? Can he handle going back to civilian
life after the fighting when he leaves the army? His personal diary
describes travel with trader Charles Larpenteur. He befriends the
influential Deadwood miner, William Story. Can he find love and
success on the frontier?

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