What to do while you wait for the book to be Printed

One of the great things about doing e-books is the instant feedback given by computers to your wishes and needs.  When I first put my Civil War book , Rough Enough on  Kindle some 18 months ago, the satisfaction of completing the project to that point was rewarded almost instantaneously with icons and the ability to put the book on view for the rest of the world.  On the other hand, the book at that point still needed editing and I was fortunate enough to find American Book Publishers (ABP) willing to take me on.

The result was over 18 months of correspondence and working with one editor to rewrite the entire book, consolidate the references, put in foot notes and pick up a few loose ends of research that the Prince of Serendipity threw my way. I took the book off Kindle because I was assured that it would be radically better by the time I completed it with an editor.  A fact that I am glad to say has really come to pass now that I see the cover and manuscript and full manuscript.

I think you’ll love it once it comes off the press and is also exhibited with the 4 main e-book publishers (Kindle, Nook, I-books and Google books) in their formats.

So now what to do with the next week or so while waiting for the books?

1.  I’m going to work on my two presentations that will accompany me when I travel and do any speaking engagements. one geared towards Civil War fans and the other geared towards University students in the event that I am asked to speak to a class on the subject.  This will take me a couple of good weeks of work.

2. Then when I run out of steam on the presentations, I’ll be putting addresses on my envelopes from the lists that ABP has assured me they will be sending.

3.  Finally, I always have my e-book of Caribbean Seashells to fall back on. This is a unique e-book that should rock the market place with the ability to jump from keys to specimens to anatomy to web links…. you name it.  I had hoped to have it on the e-book sites for Christmas, but you all know how that goes…..

There you have it for today, never a dull moment on the Oregon farm, but now that the rains are here and the winter wine is fermenting, I can really concentrate on the writing full time…between tips to the ski hill that is.

Take care more on my writing/editing tomorrow.




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