Reader Questions for “Rough Enough: My Ideas When Desiging the Cover

What are the ideas that come to mind when you look at the cover of “Rough Enough?”

Jot them down before you go on to read what I was thinking when I gave the artist the original design.

Now look down below the picture of the book cover and check out what I was thinking as the author.


The young man carrying the Union Flag represents Richard Clow. The road ahead and the setting sun to the west represents his future in the military on the frontier, his family and mining in Deadwood, SD. The ruffled pages at the borders represent the letters he wrote to his sisters and his diary; all are transcribed within the book.

A few Advance Reading copies are still available for reviewers on Amazon, in blogs and other publications. Send me your snail mail address and I’ll return copies until the last 12 copies run out. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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