Sometimes I could Joint the “Tea Party”

Whoa! A day that started off with a bang, exercise on the machines at the club and with the Senior Circuit semi exercise- semi gab group afterwards to get in over an hour and a half of muscle workout.  Then into the computer and answered a bunch of great emails from people connecting on LinkedIn and others sending me their snail mail addresses to get review copies of the new Civil War book, “Rough Enough” before it hits the stands all over the country in 15 days! 

Then the dog (Elliott) got into the ducks!  Boy what a quacking mess!  Jill had to catch Crazy Duck who didn’t seem to be able to find his way back through hole in the fence (I wish I’d had the video camera on for that one!). The whole troop packed off to the neighbors pond in disgust but they’ll be home tonight for food and nest boxes to lay their eggs. 

Then the real fun began!  TAXES! UGH!

I found that the IRS has now gotten the instructions and the forms so hard find, run off and print, let alone fill out, that we have reached the point of needing an all-out HUMAN rebellion against the Corporate Personhood of tax crap we have created. 

I believe in one of our founding countries, Great Britain, where they seem to govern fairly well without a constitution, there is a rule about  the laws needing to be understandable to THE MAN or WOMAN ON THE STREET!

After finding that Schedule D now requires several other forms to even complete it on the basic level (Like all I have is a bunch of losses to carry over from the Bush era stock crash and a total of 7 stock transactions and I need five forms to tell Uncle Sam that I still have a loss that will take me 20 years to deduct at $3000 per year?) Who are we kidding?

We need to get a flat tax rate for HUMANS and save all this other “crap” for the Corporate Personifications of humanity devised by lawyerhood and ratified by a Supreme Court that must have had it’s head somewhere else than on the bench when companies became people.  

Time to throw the Tea back into Boston Harbor and make it easy for Cesar to get the last Sou from my pocket without me having to take antidepressants and blood pressure medicine in order to do what the man or woman on the street should be able to do easily – Pay my taxes!

Holy-Cow! What a rant! Buy the book – See how it was truly “Rough Enough” for most people back in the 1860’s!

One Comment on “Sometimes I could Joint the “Tea Party”

  1. Richard, I agree with you first of all. Secondly, I received your book today. I have this whole six week waiting period thing, but there is no way I am going to make it that long. Looking at it on my desk is already driving me batty. Great cover by the way. 🙂


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