New Review for “Rough Enough” comes out on “Salient Points!”

I was ever so pleased to see Allen Mesch’s great review of my Civil and Indian War book, “Rough Enough” on his own fabulous blog site, “Salient Points (,  Allen prides himself in keeping up to date on Civil War affairs on LinkedIn and through a lot of reading. As a historian, I value his words and writing a lot. I hope you will check out his site and also visit the Civil War Courier site for other great information on the Civil War. Copies of my book are available in bookstores everywhere and at:

2 Comments on “New Review for “Rough Enough” comes out on “Salient Points!”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask if you intend to write another book? I hope so. I would love to see another. I will be reviewing a few more civil war books in the coming weeks and will be interested to hear your thoughts. Your opinion has become quite valuable to me.


  2. Ionia,
    I have a whole series of books I am working on:
    1. “Following the Blue Bucket” will be the next section of Richard Clow’s Life. Due out in late 2014.
    2. “Sendero Rojo: The Path of Blood” due out late 2013 an historical fiction on the South American Drug Wars based on17 years of work in S.A.
    3. “E-Shell: Seashells of the Caribbean” due out mid 2013 is an interactive seashell guide based on over 13 years of collecting in the Caribbean.
    I’ll write more on this today on my blog today for you and others to pass along if you like.


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