What Books is Rick McBee working on now?

I have had several close contacts ask me when the next book is coming out now that they have read “Rough Enough.” 

When I’m not up to my ears in skiing, diving, orienteering and trying to keep up on the Civil War scene, I’m working on three other books at the moment.  I’ve listed these below and as soon as I figure out how to open up labels on this site and make it a web page (I don’t suppose any of you are ever challenged by computer work? Hmm.), I’ll have a tag for each so you can follow along with chapter and verse.  Back to the books.  Three of them separated in genre and interest:

1. “Following the Blue Bucket” will be the next section of Richard Clow’s Life taking him from the gold mining fields of Deadwood, SD. across Wyoming by wagon with his wife and young daughter, Cora into Idaho where they settle outside Montpelier, ID. and set up a sheep ranch, the CBR ranch. When the ranch goes bust they move on to Granite, Oregon and mine gold again and make enough to then move on to the Willamette Valley where they farm successfully until about 1905 when the move to Mapleton, OR and run the Mapleton Hotel and mail boat on the Siuslaw River near Florence, OR.  Due out late in 2014. It may have to be closer to historical fiction than straight history because of the scarcity of information in some places coupled with his run-ins with several historical characters that are rumored in the family and probable but so far undocumented.
2. “Sendero Rojo: The Path of Blood” due out late 2013 or early 2014 is an historical fiction on the South American Drug Wars based on some fifty references which I collected in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Venezuela while working in those countries for 17 years.  It follows a young woman and her fiance as they are separated by a kidnapping high in the Andes. Maria struggles to survive on the streets and in the slums of Lima Peru while Huascar fights for life as a slave in a drug manufacturing camp deep in a hidden valley of the upper Amazon river. Escaping, Huascar succeeds in crossing the Andes to rescue Maria from poverty in Lima and bring her back to their home area of Huaraz in the mountains.
3. “E-Shell: Seashells of the Caribbean” due out mid 2013 is an interactive computer guide to identifying over 200 seashells of the Caribbean from the coasts of Florida to the shores of Venezuela. Based on over 13 years of collecting and identifying shells from the Caribbean, this book is unique in having lots of smart items to jump from  seashell keys to pages with their photos and descriptions. The macro-photography brings the seashells up right in front of your eye with arrows to key identification points, whether it is a giant conch from Panama or a minute purple janthina shell from the shores of Curacao.

I hope you’ll enjoy following these books as I move forward in my writing.

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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