Let it snow…. But don’t let it rain….Oregon and California 1/9/2017

Where have all the flowers gone!

img_3578Here’s What Mt. Hood Looks like when you see it when the storms clear. Look at those wind blown snow plumes!


Here’s my house in OR after a whole month of snow/shovel/snow/shovel/sn….


Guess when I’ll use my van again?  Look at those two eyes peering out over a blue nose and crooked smile!


So If you think that’s bad, look at these two sites in California that show the American River going Bonkers on flow levels!

Rover Flow on American River – Graph

and here!

What California can expect is still coming!

Let’s just stick with the snow, Oregon! OK? Stay dry and warm where ever you are folks!img_3597

GRR! BRR! Winter!  Read a good book! Ghosts of Ukuthula!  It will keep you warm!>))

Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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