The Beauty of Ice! An Alien World!

Last night we got about 1/2 inch of freezing rain here in Hood River, OR. Wow! What a dazzle to the eyeballs when the sun peaked out momentarily this AM. An alien world.

Take me to your leader!                                                        Then there were more!

img_3645                          img_3648

Coating the roses!


Bending the Yews, plastering the Hydrangeas  and  the Silver Birch

Leaving the Pampas Grass shimmering! A wonderland of nature!

Can’t get out cause the roads are closed and the drive to get there like glass!

So: Dream about the Caribbean, Re-fight the Civil War,  visit the  sands of the Kalahari  in a book! Rick’s Books on Amazon or Kindle!


Hope you enjoyed my Blog. I would like to hear from you

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