No Middle Ground! – Teaching Hate or Not – It’s not something we can be Wishy-Washy about!



As we watch with awe, grief and anger as radical “White Supremacy Hate Groups come out in the open and try to take political power, we are reminded by history and literature that there is and will continue to be a constant battle for the souls of human beings.Are the people we expose our children to, or are we ourselves setting examples that teach our children to Hate or Not? Our President seems to be coming out in a kind of wishy-washy manner about who to support or who is right. He needs to take a stand on this not have “The White House says he…”We need this from the President’s own lips!

Here’s a quote by an African man facing the same moral dilemma of power:

Here were his people, his body of support. They were waiting for him to step forward, to claim his rightful position and fulfill their dreams of his mission.

“What power! What glory! To be standing in front of my people once again as a leader!”

“I can take them with me tomorrow into the streets of the cities and we can rid ourselves of all these whites and their oppression forever. Shall I ask them once again to take up their spears against other people? Shall I ask them to help me drive them out forcibly? Shall we send them packing?”

Am I capable of forming a nation from this mass of humanity or will it all crumble around me?” Ref: “The Ghosts of Ukuthula” pp. 318 – 319

Evil is a dilemma for all leaders in positions of supreme power including our American President, Mr. Trump. Pure Evil does exist and breaks out in humanity given the proper set of stimuli. It can do so in any nation.

We have seen distinct signs of the power of unchecked Evil in the outbreaks of violence perpetrated by marches of White Supremacy Hate Groups in the streets of our cities. Hate groups led by persons who have turned their very souls over to the darkness of the evil that they represent and preach.

Many of these persons have been taught this hatred since childhood and will go on to teach others as illustrated in this portion of the words sung by Cable in the film South Pacific:    “You’ve got to be taught to be afraid, of people whose eyes are oddly made, and people whose skin is a different shade. You’ve got to be carefully taught. You’ve got to be carefully taught. Listen and hear  Barbara Streisand Sings the Lyrics

After you have listened to the full lyrics, think about the examples being set for our children by our leaders including our current President, Mr. Trump who uses put-downs and derogatory remarks against women, persons of other races or religions or cultures. Then in a situation where moral leadership should be evident in standing against the overt actions of hate groups, his own statements appear to condone their actions.

Countries around the world have often had leaders who became seduced by the powers of their office. They have become deluded, thinking of themselves as superior beings set on a pedestal and literally worshiped by followers. You have heard of the worst of them, the despots, the dictators, the cult leaders, those who committed atrocious acts with their followers as they pursued a false idol of supremacy on a pathway to unadulterated evil. 25 you should know about lest we repeat their actions You know some of them: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Ho chi Minh, Mussolini ; others you probably don’t know: Sankoh, Taylor, Pavelic, Khan, Omar, Savimbi, Hideki, …  ; or you’ve heard of the places where the more atrocious acts were committed: Armenia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Dafur, Treblinka, Babi Yar …

But above and beyond these leaders or the acts that they and their followers have committed, is another layer of evil, that which is deliberately taught to our youth and unstable persons by hate groups within our own society. Groups that have learned how to open the trap door that leads to parts of the brain that should be controlled by the norms of behavior and release the demons of hatred. Given their techniques and teachings, insecure or malleable minds can be led directly into cults of evil action.

So social groups that recruit, foster and teach hatred, aggression, hostility and anger against others, rather than teaching inquiry, appreciation and discussion about the wide varieties of differences between humans are in fact some of the most threatening groups to our American way of life. The Southern Poverty and Law Center is a group that informs and protects us from many of these groups. we need to support them in their work.  Monitoring and work on fighting hate groups

America is a nation build on some very profound ideals. These are not just ideals for a few Democrats or Republicans or for Libertarians… they are ideal for all of us as Americans. The propositions that all humans are created equal and should have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no matter who they are is a statement of a universal inalienable right. This is something we can’t be wishy-washy about.

We can only pray that our own President, along with every other world leader will face the threat of hate groups directly and work to eradicate them.

Because: There is no middle ground.




5 Comments on “No Middle Ground! – Teaching Hate or Not – It’s not something we can be Wishy-Washy about!

  1. “We” all need to face it and speak out for isn’t it in the herds that gain the leaders their power? (that was proverbial) I always question and have found no sufficient answer, why so many followed Hitler? And other evil despot leaders? What is in our human condition that we do these things. Or allow them to happen? Important post here and thanks for allowing my to enter the conversation. Have a good week.

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    • When the good people remain silent and the evil think they command the field, they will only act out more strongly under the impression that they have control. When the good respond en-mass, the evil will initially act out more strongly thinking they might gain control, but when faced with continued opposition will return to their dark isolated caverns of the mind with their small social group that feed off of each other and those who don’t stand up for the rights of all.

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