The Union President Says it – SPOT ON! There is a line in the sand. We all must stand against the forces of evil.

Check the link and listen to what the President of the AFL-CIO says to us working people at this link: Union President explains why POTUS is wrong!

AFL-CIO President Mr Richard Trumpka is saying it like it needs to be said. The Unions stand for the working people of this nation. That means all working people, not just one race or one job, or one religion, or one nationality, but all workers because when the workers and small people stand together, they have a voice that can be heard and can change the world. They don’t do it by waving swastika flags or white hoods, or chanting slogans against jews or blacks or mexicans …. on and on. Unions get together, decide what is best as a group, vote on it and then support candidates who will accomplish that in government. POTUS misled all those working persons whom he promised to champion, lead and put back to work as he rebuilt the infrastructure of roads, bridges, railways, electrical grids, etc….of our country. POTUS needs to get back on track or move over and cut bait while the rest of us do the fishing that needs to be done for this country.

The Unions recognize that there is a line in the sand in which rules and methods of behavior are regulated even in strikes and negotiations so that an outcome can happen by working across a table rather than going to the barricades as they had to in the 1920’s and 30’s to be heard.  The line in the sand defines the limits of free speech and actions that are commensurate with conduct for a civilized nation.

Any person who stands on the side of the line with the Swastika and the anarchy that its followers would like to bring to our country is standing on the side of evil. This is not about whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or Libertarian. It’s not about whether you want a Confederate statue in a park or in a museum with a label explaining what it really stands for.  it is about an evil that rejects American values, party politics , unions, civil disagreement, civil discussion and all that we stand for as a nation. It is imperative that we stand with all those who oppose evil and anarchy and work together to build and maintain a country based on equality under the rule of law for everyone.

That’s why I was a Vietnam Era Veteran, a Peace Corps Volunteer, a Missionary, an NEA Union member and now as a writer write the kinds of fiction I write; because I believe in  the American way of life and its values.


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