Oregon Burns Up while Texas Drowns

forest-fire-from pixabay

Fire Scene from Pixabay! See Coumbia Gorge pictures of wild-fire below!

Gorge Fire Pictures

Just when you think summer and fire danger should be ending, some teenagers apparently spent over 5 hours hiking in the ultra-dry woods of the Columbia Gorge witness report and trew fire crackers for several hours into the tinder like forest. The consequence – BOOM! A big wild-fire that will cost millions of $$ to stop if it can be stopped. Otherwise we will have to wait until winter!

Columbia Gorge Fire Watch the fire live!

Multnoma Falls Lodge Saved! Eagle Creek Fire

Links plus Oregon Live information:  Views of Town Hall meeting, the Fire and Maps

Recent fire activity in the Gorge is shown on this large Geomac map in red. (A screen grab from https://www.geomac.gov/viewer/viewer.shtml  by Darryl Lloyd)

See this link for Oregon Smoke levels right now: http://oregonsmoke.blogspot.com/

With all the national/international news focused on the Hurricanes which will affect millions of people, the Western USA is largely ignored despite one of the worst fire seasons with poor air quality distributed from the Oregon Coast in the west to the continental divide in Montana in the east and from north central California in the south to the Canadian border and Northward up north. Jill and I have been living in smoke conditions that require a mask to be worn for the past 10 days (for the first 7 days in Bend, you could hardly find a facemask on any but the most hidden of construction or automobile stores.

Here are some sites other sites to check the fire in the Columbia gorge which jumped the mile wide Columbia river four days ago and headed off into the State of Washington:

Our Indian Creek and Eagle Creek combined fire. https://www.facebook.com/EagleCreekandIndianCreekFires2017/?hc_ref=ARRPuwNsOxFIP3rfd4A-_9rGFU6jGk3XlF0tJxKS2KlMcrrPzJu_kPrn4hnoOz1F2Lk&fref=nf

I went to a Hood River town meeting tonight after the fire marshal came by today to tell us that we were on Level !, (That means “Get Ready”) So Jill and I are packing stuff and planning to drop it off with friends. If we get the level 2 (“Get Set”) warning, then we will shut everything down, drop the dog a t the pet camp and go stay with our stuff with friends. We won’t wait for the “Go” since there ereally aren’t that many roads out of our area and we don’t want to get trapped.  Luckily, this evening at the town meeting, the meteorologist said that the conditions that caused the big fire break-out two days ago have changed and the chances of a big fire run to the East and into Hood River are much less.

Keeping optimistic that the weather and winds will change and my home will be safe!

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