Federal Payment Warrants! A Solution and Stimulus to Get Government Moving!

There is an easy solution to the government crisis caused by the continual Political Squabbling between the President and Congress. It is called Government Payment Warrants, explained below.

Because of rediculous political gridlock, funding for the Federal Government has been stopped for  thousands of persons in a number of very important departments.  A large number of these persons are classified as essential. Thus they cannot be put on leave of absence and thus, as our TSA and other workers,  are working full time, but receiving nothing other than lip service about the fact that as minimum pay workers they just have to suck it up on paying their bills. This crisis has gone on for over three weeks, and they have no pay coming in forall those weeks of work. They are obligated to work or they will be fired, yet they are also obligated to pay their bills or they will get kicked out of homes, have cars reposessed and not be able to financially make ends meet.

Other departments such as the Forest Service, National Parks, and Agriculture Department are not considered essential and therefore their workers are furloughed until some funding is approved for them to go back to work. With these Departments, loans to farmers are stalled, National Parks are left open with no one to clean up after thousands of visitors,  The IRS is essentially shut down, Indian reservations have lost Federal Funding, Food Stamps are not being given out. So who is being affected? The most vulnerable persons in our society!

Read about it here! This isn’t Fake!

There is a way to put all these American Bacfk to Work!

Since the US Government has an Obligation  to pay these workers, why are they not receiving US Government warrants to help them pay for their rents, food, and other obligations? The Government can issue the warrants with very minor changes to their check writing procedures and then the squabbling politicians can go on jabbering and the people who really make our country run and work for all of us as public servants can keep the nation running while Nero and Company continue to Fiddle.

This system will stimulate the US economy because banks can honor the Warrants knowing that they will collect interest on the money from the government when funds are finally approved. This is also a stimulus for Congressional Fiddlers to get off their fat chairs and override any POTUS Fiddle veto because they don’t want the government to be run into any more debt and get their human constituents upset with bad government (public voices? Are you out there?).

Wikipedia explains Modern Government Warrants as follows:

 Wiki Link to Warrants of Payment

Modern warrants, Ref: Wikipedia Look Like This:

Need More information?
Just put : What isn’t affected government shutdown? Into your browser and read all the information.
Get on with it America for your little people on both sides of the political aisle!


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